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    How can encrypt decry-pt code work in Axapta?

    Want to know how encrypt decrypt code can be used in Axapta? Looking out for details of this procedure? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can find responses to your query.

    How can encrypt decry-pt code work in Axapta to hide original code? This is like system generates licenses to decode and encode object code in system and so the user will not able to understand code. If it will work in ax 2012 then it will be good.
    Currently dynamics ax latest version is dynamics 365 but my requirement is till ax 2012.
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  • You must create a class to make a property and set it on run on = server This is a static format I had with me. You have to enter the parameters
    Even this is same as mukesh hirwani dynamics mentioned you can refer his page also which is available in net.
    static void Job2(Args _args)
    CryptoApi cryptoApi;
    Container cont,cont1;
    ContainerClass cc;

    /* Salt is like a password, While encrypting and decrypting the phrase, the CryptoAPI class has to instantiated with same salt(99999999999). The phrases/words are encrypted & decrypted based on the salt. */
    cryptoApi = new CryptoApi(99999999999);
    cc = new ContainerClass(["test123"]);
    cont = CryptoApi.encrypt(cc.toBlob()); // The encrypt method requires BLOB as a parameter
    cont1 = ContainerClass::blob2Container(CryptoApi.decrypt(cont));

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