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    Switching from low grade job to high grade job

    Have a query about changing a job in the Central government? Looking out for information about the government policy? Find advice from experts here.

    I am currently serving with Army as a Sepoy and I got a new job in State Forest Department with a higher pay grade. What is the policy of Central Government over switching of jobs with higher pay grades? My parent service is of 7 years. How should I go about it?
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  • If you have applied through proper channel for the post of State Forest Department, then there would be no problem in tendering technical resignation and joining the new position.

    However, most probably you had to sign a bond while joining Indian Army and the bond period is not yet over (you have served for 7 years). In that case, it would be difficult for you to join the new post. Even if you are allowed to leave Army and join State Forest Department after special consideration, your bond will be transferred, and you will be required to spend the residual bond period in the new Government Office.

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  • Generally when a Government applies for another government post the application will be submitted through your present employer or a No Objection Certificate from the existing employer may be attached to the application. In such case there should not be any problem. You can resign here and after notice period they will relieve you and you can join in your new post. Generally the application will not be accepted if you are not sending through proper channel.

    Next comes the service contract and the terms and conditions in that contract in the present job. As you have already put in 7 years service you might have completed you contract period. You plese check it once and then go ahead.

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  • If you have applied through proper channel there should not be any problem except your bond period.

    Because you are switching from a Govt deptt to another Govt deptt it should be as per laid down procedure of technical resignation.

    In case you have not applied through proper channel it is not understood what and how you have shown in your application for forest deptt regarding your occupation for such a long gap of time.

    Anyway you can go ahead accordingly.
    Best of luck.

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  • Well there is no doubt that serving as the Sepoy in Army is the great service to the Nation and you will be well guarded with service facilities during job and after retirement as central government servant. But what I feel that when something good chance is knocking with good pay scale and that would help you right now, then better to accept the state government job in forest department. You can always seek voluntary retirement from the armed forces and I believe you may even get the pension based on your service put. However consult your inner conscious and then take firm decision.

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