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    How to convert old CRT TV to a smart TV to connect Smartphone and get internet?

    Interested in getting internet on a old CRT TV? Wondering how to connect to a smartphone and get internet? On this Ask Expert page find responses to your query.

    I am using a CRT Television set for last about 18 years. It works fine for me as I do not spend much time watching TV. Of late due to the usage of online news sites and other social media like whatsapp etc. my dependence on TV even for news is also reduced. I would like to convert my old TV to one which can be used for internet connecting to my Android phone.

    When I searched the net, I could find that there were some facilities like Vodafone web box(where SIM was used) and some other converters. Some of them are unavailable or discontinued since.

    I would like to know from ISC experts, from their experience, how to convert my CRT TV to be able to get internet connected to my android phone directly or by WiFi.
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  • There are some gadgets like google chromecast which you can try to get online from sites like which can be connected at its mini USB port to your TV at its free USB port for power (or alternate power source) and you have to install a chromecast app in your mobile and this system will now use your wi-fi network in your house (wi-fi is needed for this system).

    Using the TV remote you have to select HDMI position and you will be asked for certain basic settings in your mobile in chromecast app and it will be connected through wi-fi to your CRT and you can enjoy the seamless streaming between the two.

    There are some alternate gadgets and methods for the arrangement you want and there is one site as given below where it is given in good details. You can visit for detailed information there.

    Knowledge is power.

  • My TV is an old one. It uses RCA cables for audio-video. However it woks with cable set top box. The connection is by coaxial cable. There is no usb port nor HDMI port.It is such a TV that I would like to use for connecting to android phone and getting internet in it.

  • For converting a CRT TV to smart TV, the better option to go with is through Wi-Fi. You would need below listed additional components to achieve this conversion.
    1. Google Chromecast
    2. RCA audio/video cables(if you don't have)
    3. HDMI to AV converter ( available in Amazon online if you can't find in any physical store)
    First connect your TV and the Chromecast device to the power socket. Connect the output from chromcast to the HDMI port of HDMI to AV converter. On the other side of this converter you need to plugin the RCA cable in their appropriate colours and the output of these cables will be plugged into your CRT TV. Now turn on these sockets. Please note you would need to do initial set up of chromcast once the conversion is successful. It is pretty straightforward process to set up the chromcast. Use your android phone to set up the chromecast. You will get a code verification while set up. It will identify the available Wi-Fi connections. You need to select to connect to your Wi-Fi and provide the Wi-Fi password. Once the set up is done, you will be able to do all the activities of chromcast like watching YouTube videos, Netflix and other Google Apps through your CRT TV.


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