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    Promotion for candidate selected under TNPSC 2A

    Want to know how long it would take to get promoted for a candidate selected under TNPSC 2A? Get answers to this query from the expert responses below.

    I would like to know how long it would it would take for a candidate selected under TNPSC 2A to get promoted. They are selected for assistants in Ministerial services. Moreover, the pay seems to be very low for a degree standard exam. It is same as salary of VAO I think. Please clarify.
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  • TNPSC group 2A officials take 10 years to get promoted to next service. They can become group A at the time of retirement age. A peaceful life even under low salary. These officials will wield informal influence as their career progress as they will posted as assistants to collectors, Ministers. etc. The difference to VAO is no need to go for any travel for routine checks, verification etc. etc. Their efficiency is very much respected. Sometimes they are the ones to write policy briefs to IAS officials and ministers by which they influence decision making. Sometimes if you are proved as an efficient worker then what what you write becomes order. The higher ups generally sign with the respect on you. In the negative side too much of routine redundant works. Not exciting.

  • Thanks Gokul for clarification. Starting ths job with 16 to 18k salary, how long it would take to get 45k as take home? Currently I am working in IT company with 45k salary. How fast will my salary grow? The salary part makes me worried.

  • It depends on various things. First though, in notification they say 16-18k actual amount after DA, HRA, TA allowances become 23-25k. Presently if 7th pay commission gets implemented in Tamil Nadu then salary goes up to 28-30k. Then from now 10 years may take to earn 45k which is the salary of next higher service.i e group 2. But don't worry -
    by that time 8th pay commission will be there raising salary to 55k. Then if you write department exams you can get easy promotions, pay hike , MACP. If you want a stress free job with some decent salary and permanent job, then it is a solution. But if you are dreaming of money, then IT is better. Just be very sure. Our country is going through a turbulent period in IT. But everything may be OK by 2 years when our NPA in banks will reduce.

  • Thanks Gokul for the clarification. Your comments really helps. The pay band initially is 5200-20200/2800. Then our take home even after 7th pay commission will be 16-18k right?

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