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    Have you ever visited Lakshadweep?

    Are you planning your travel to Lakshsadweep? Searching for details of travel and what to see there? On this page you can read ample advice form experts and resolve your query.

    I have been planning to visit Lakshadweep. In this connection, I would like to have following information:-

    (a) What is the most convenient way to reach Kavarati (capital of Lakshadweep) from Delhi?

    (b) From where can I get boat/ship for Kavarati? What is the price of a ticket? How much time is required to reach Kavarati by boat?

    (c) What are the major tourist spots?

    (d) Are good budget hotels available at Kavarati?

    (e) How can I visit other islands from Kavarati?

    Knowledgeable members may kindly provide point-wise information.
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  • From Delhi you can reach Kavaratti by two methods.
    If you have a direct flight from Delhi to Agatti, you can reach Agatti by flight. From there you can go to the destination by sailing through sea in Yacht or Boat. Otherwise you can reach Cochin by flight and from there you can reach Kavaratti by two means.
    Reach Agatti by flight from Cochin and from there by sea.
    Otherwise from Cochin four passenger ships are being operated.
    MV Tippu Sultan, MV Bharat Seema, MV Amindevi or MV Minicoy.
    Time taken is about 14 to 20 hours. There are diverse classes of services. There are restaurants etc.
    You can select as per your budget and convenience.

    From Kavaratti you can reach all other places by road or by sea.

    The important places you can visit are
    Kavaratti Island Marine Aquarium, Kavaratti Island lagoon, Ujra Mosque.
    There are some other beaches also you can visit.

    always confident

  • For visiting lakshdweep one has to take permission from one of the following offices -

    Administrative Office - Directorate of Tourism Development, UT of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti Island.
    Secretary to the Administrator, UT of Lakshadweep, Indira Gandhi Road, Wellington Island, Cochin, Kerala.

    I am not very sure but I have read somewhere that for Govt servants this permission is not required. You can check on that.

    There are various combinations for going to this place which is not possible to mention here in details but I am referring you a site which has given the details very minutely -

    Good hotels are starting from Rs 4000 onwards. Sharing accommodation is also available in some guest houses at lower rates.

    Main tourist places and attractions are -
    Agatti island, Minicoy island, Bangaram island, Scuba diving in lakshdweep, Kalpeni island, Marine museum, Kadmat island etc.

    Knowledge is power.

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