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    Why are there conflicting results of scanning from different anti-virus software for mobilephone

    Confused about usage of different antivirus scans? Looking out for the reasons of whether malware threats are real or misleading? On this page you can go through advice from experts.

    I am using Kaspersky Internet Security for Android(free version). I am using it because I am using the paid version in my PC and is satisfied with it.

    Yesterday when I was scanning my phone, I found that the results showed ' threats detected-3 skipped'. I could not see any detailed results to locate the threat object. It did not say it was neutralised or quarantined also. I got scared and again made the scan. At a particular percentage of scan, I could hear a sound just like camera click and then immediately it showed threat-1. Similarly it repeated two more times and total threats detected -3. It was so fast that I could not make out which file(s). But after scan was over it also it showed that my 'device is protected".

    Then I downloaded Avast mobile security(free versions0 and did scanning. It did not show any threats. To be more sure, I downloaded Quick heal for android and did scanning. It also did not show any threats.

    I would like to know if there is an actual threat or malware or virus or it is just a misleading alert by Kaspersky to induce me to buy a paid version. I use my phone mostly for whatsapp and only very rarely use it for internet when I have to search something very urgent and mostly known sites including ISC.

    I would like expert's opinion.
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  • Anti virus industry is million dollar industry, so often a lot of viruses are made for consumer inconvenience. And the solution is generated to earn customers. This has been going on for years. And that's why only some antivirus have solution for specific patterns of viruses. You may find one virus being detected while another was ignored by same antivirus. So scanning often leads to such false positive and often no good results come out of it. Don't hop from one antivirus to another. Nothing good will come out of it. You'll only waste your time. Choose one decent antivirus and then keep it as long as it doesn't affect the device you own. Pay attention to what you surf online. This should keep you safe from most of the security issues.

  • For desktop computers or laptops the virus industry has already reached a satisfactory level and excellent anti virus softwares are available in the market.
    On the other hand the virus industry is still under research and developing trends for mobile apps and systems. The Android system is very vulnerable to the hacking environment and till there are fool proof methods to block the threats we will have this problem of getting different results with different anti virus softwares for mobiles.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Actually different anti viruses works differently. Basically anti viruses are built to search for particular pattern of viruses. So, a single anti virus can not detect all the viruses. That's why I have 3 anti virus installed in my PC.
    But a single antivirus can gives you different result for your android phone and PC. It may be because of the software platform or the O/S used in the system.

  • There are many companies which have made antivirus software program for mobiles. The techniques and tools used by one company differ from another. Due to this reason every anti-virus program behaves differently.

    As there is no single program which can catch all the existing virus and ever increasing ones minute by minute, we are facing these varied results in our mobile.

    I hope in future more robust and wide range programs will be introduced by companies to avoid these varying results.

    Unfortunately the area of virus is a two sided game in which both the parties are equally knowledgeable and capable of producing and killing of these malicious programs.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thanks for the above answers and suggestions.

    After scanning with different antivirus programs, I took that there is no serious issue. So I uninstalled Kaspersky and then reinstalled and did the scan.The reports were actually a sub category under 'additional'. I could see the name of the files which were shown as threats and skipped.

    The result said : - "App detected that could be used by intruders against your interests"
    They were :
    1.system/app/....e-block breaker... (Detected not-a virus.Heur risk tool...)
    2. system/app/Angry Gorilla.apk..(---do--)
    3. system/app/fb-android_all-multilang.apk..(-----do----)

    The first two were preloaded game apps, which I am not using at all and have kept disabled since long.

    So now I have heaved a sigh that there is no serious issue.

  • Most of the free and trial version anti virus try to provoke you by showing false information about your device to misleads you to buy their premium version. You should not worry as there is very less chance for a mobile phone to get affected by viruses. And if your phone get any virus from any source which are generally external sources like transferring file from a laptop or hard disk having virus and malware. In that situation, you better scan your phone by connecting it with your laptop because PC anti virus are way too effective in dealing with malware and virus.Generally, I have seen people using various anti virus application and they think that the particular anti virus will help them in protecting their phone from threats and allow smooth running of their device but they are usually mistaken. As anti virus app keep running in the background it consumes a big part of your device RAM making it slow and laggy. Keeping free version can also be irritating because as soon as you connect with internet your phone screen get flooded with ads.
    In my suggestion you should try to avoid any anti virus application for your mobile phone because it's not going to make any big difference in your phone performance and protection of your private data.

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