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    Why I am getting this security message in my Firefox browser

    Wondering why browser is giving a security message? Looking out for how to resolve this issue? Here, you can check out advice from experts.

    I am having IE, Chrome and Firefox in my PC as browsers. I have started using Firefox more nowadays after updating it to 54.0.1. However sometimes I get the message alert: "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot.". I have to then replicate the Captcha and then only I will be able to proceed further. At times I can skip by closing that window and again opening a new tab or window. I do not have much traffic in my knowledge at those times. It may be just one or two tabs open simultaneously.

    I have my browser update, Internet security software kept up-to-date. Periodical scan also have given 'no threats' and 'protected'. Then what will be the cause of this issue? If I close the Firefox browser and shift to use Chrome, then this issue does not crop up.

    I would like to get answers from experts on this.
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  • That message often being sent by the Cloudflare company that offers DNS and bot protection. So some times they may give such warning. And you have to find out that it can be harder in such cases to manage the warning. If you are getting this warning and no cloudflare reference is given then just close the tab. Some of the time some fishing virus type sites also make such messages and makes it harder for you to use browser. So in such case make sure your anti virus has the browser protection. On chrome, usually such websites are given warning and don't reach to the user desktop browser. That's why people are moving to chrome from firefox. Firefox has not much invested on filtering the web traffic for the user.

  • The reason why a users is getting an unusual message that altered him/her is because of the following reasons which are tabulated below.

    1. Out of date Anti Virus program:

    This usually happens when a users installed and use a free software like Avast which are out of date. Not only free antivirus like Avast and AVG creates issues that puts ones contraption to jeopardy. Update or install the latest antivirus Quick Heal or Internet Security. They are the best.

    2. Virtual Private Network: Refrain from connecting to internet using VPN. Softwares that are free like free VPN, and vice versa creates much issues with the computer Regedit that keeps alerting a users or PC administrator regarding the threat.

    3. Installing Windows Update: Yes, you need to install the Windows update regularly. Go to control panel> Settings or Security> Updates>On

    Once you have installed the updates and everything and making sure that all the updates are up to date.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • What I could understand from your issue is, it is occurring only in Firefox browser. It could be a plugin or extension which you might have added recently either knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes plugins do send a number of requests to gather information. So what you can do now is, go to Menu in Firefox location on the top right and then click on Add-ons. Review the add-ons and extensions which are present there. If you find any unnecessary or unwanted add-ons remove them. This might fix your issue.
    I do not think this issue could be because of any virus otherwise your problem could have increased day by day making it difficult for you to use your computer. On the other hand, not all viruses can be spotted by the anti-virus even if you have an updated anti-virus software.


  • If all you use is Firefox then ABP (AdBlockPlus) has two main filter sets. The default duo is Fanboy-Adblock + Fanboy-Trackiing. The second duo is Easylist + 24 essay EasyPrivacy. The second of each of the two main filter sets blocks tracking and will probably do a much better job of it than Mozilla will. My PAC filter + blocking hosts file also blocks trackers with that being its primary emphasis. At one time Firefox allowed the blocking of third party cookies from . I wonder if this push will come to the same thing - this new anti-track gesture made by Mozilla nobbled and then finally remove.

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