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    Is Hookah bad for health?

    Have a query about hookah usage on health? Searching for its impact on the body as compared to smoking a cigarette of a beedi? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the suggestions from experts and resolve your query.

    I would like to know whether Hookah using with Apple or Orange flavor is harmful for health since it is different smoking method than direct using Cigarette or Beedi with huge Tobacco percentage in it? Is there any health issue if someone uses Hookah with just Orange or other Fruit flavors since it has very less percentages of Tobacco? Kindly feedback on this.
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  • Tobacco percentage is less in Hookah. But tobacco is tobacco. It will have its bad affects on both the man who uses Hookah and the surrounding people also. Cigarette is harmful to a person who takes 5 a day as well as 5o a day. Only thing is the severity will change. If a person who uses Hookah continuously will have more health problems than a man who consumes only one cigarette a day. On the other hand a chain smoker may have more health problems than a hooah user, So this is all relative. It is better and advisable to avoid hookah also is my best opinion.

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  • What I feel and understand from those who had the Hookah experience that , anything which is inhaled is bad for the health. Though some Hookah center may claim that they give you the mild dose of tobacco as the smoke inside the Hookah, what I feel that in the guise of tobacco , regulars are slowly habituated to the drugs and thus they become addict towards Hookah centers for permanent. That is why in Hyderabad the Prohibition and Excise department has banned the night clubs, Hookah centers and arresting those who consume drugs and supply drugs to others. Better to keep off from Hookah habit.

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  • There are many ways in which persons take tobacco or any other addictive material. Hookka is one of those methods. Only difference is in this method the smoke is circulated through water which may slightly diminish its harmfulness but still it is harmful and addictive.
    So in my opinion it is as bad as any other tobacco based thing like cigarette or cigar or bidi.

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  • Tobacco is used in hookah. Tobacco contains nicotin, tar and other harmful chemicals. So, hookah is harmful for human body. However, the tobacco in hookha passes through water. So, the harmful effect of tobacco in hookah is comparatively less than the harmful effect of cigarette or beedi.
    The flavour has nothing to do with the harmful effect. The percentage of nicotin and the filter are more important.

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  • The general perception is that the nicotine present in the tobacco used in Hookah is less harmful since the smoke bellowing out of it is partly dissolved in the water being used in the Hookah and hence its ill - effect is diluted considerably. However, the fact is otherwise- regular usage of Hookah would damage all our vital organs such as Heart, Lungs, Liver and Kidney. So the best option would be to desist from the Tobaco from any source.
    The Hooka centres operating in different cities advance some explanations that usage of Hookah does not produce any ill - effect since the Nicotine and other allied harmful chemicals are being circulated through the water and such propogation is enough to lure guillble customers.

  • Yes Hookah is injurious to health like the cigarettes. Hookah contains tobacco which is also present in cigarette. but the percentage of tobacco present in hookah is less than cigarette or bidi. But you can not ignore the harm caused by tobacco whether it is hookah or cigarette or bidi. All are the sources of tobacco that are inhaled by peoples and thus they all are same harmful.
    Some people especially the hookah centers claims that it is less harmful or not, which is not true. Orange and Mango fragrance is used for flavoring agent, which do not reduces the harm caused by tobacco.

  • Hookah was a traditional smoking arrangement in the olden times though it is still present in some families used occasionally.

    Coming to the question it does not matter much as far as the ill effects of tobacco are considered whether you use a cigarette or hookah. The caution line - cigarette smoking is injurious to the health - is equally applicable here.

    So in my opinion it is as harmful as any other tobacco inhaling or smoking method.

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  • Tobacco is injurious to health. In hookah, part of the water soluble ingredients in the smoke get dissolved in water. It also reduce and absorbs some heat from the smoke. So the hookah smoker may be inhaling more smoke , that is more nicotine in every puff. It may have lesser water soluble sentimental ingredients from the smoke. There will be absence of the residues that come after burning of pare unlike in cigarettes. The blackening of lips will be less in the case o f hookah smokers unlike the beedi-cigarette smokers, as the inhalation more direct to the lungs. .

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