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    Some HR Question are very common: what will be the best answers?

    Planning to prepare for HR round? Wondering what answers to give for typical HR questions? On this page you can read the suggestions from experts.

    Some HR Question are very common. What will be the best answers as per your point of view?
    1. What is your weakness?
    2. Why should I hire you?
    3. What make you angry in job?
    4. What are your goal?
    5. What is your strength?
    6. Are you over qualified for your position?
    7. How long will you stay in our company if I hire you?
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  • In HR interview one should be honest and clearly express his views. There is no point in misleading them.
    A suggested set of answers is as follows-
    1. I avoid working for long hours alone as I believe that some time should be given to working in groups.
    2. Because organization will be benefited with my know how and efficiency.
    3. Generally I do not become angry for small things but if a subordinate is not working within the time limits I may be a bit tough.
    4. My goal is to complete work correctly and in time.
    5. My knowhow, knowledge and sincerity is my strength.
    6. Yes.
    7. Till I get a better job.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Nice answers Neeru. You shared right answer in short. I think you are pass in answering those question but there can be multiple answer so we need to wait for others reply on this .

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

  • Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh, Are you interested in getting answers for your questions or you want to test the knowledge of the people. I got this doubt after seeing your second post in this questions. However coming to answers, I want to say you that HR questions will be same but answers will vary from person to person. There are no correct answers and wrong answers.

    1. The weakness of a person varies from individual. I may be weak in speaking. Another person may be weak in writing. Some persons may be weak in time management. Even some may be weak in giving time to his family by performing office works extra hours
    2. You require people to work. You have the requirement of persons in helping you doing your business. For that the persons should have certain educational qualifications and experience. I have that background. I am also looking for a job like this. So our interest are matching and if you hire me it is a win win situation for both.
    3. I may get angry out of wrongdoings of others. But I will not show my anger to them immediately. I will try to correct them in a logical way.
    4. My goal is to flourish in my career and contribute for the benefit of company as well as myself. I want to be a good human being and achieve highest position in my area of work.
    5. My strength is my ability to be methodical and logical in my approach towards tasks.
    6.You have seen my resume. You yourselves can decide on that.
    7. I don't like changing jobs very frequently. AS long as the company is taking care of me well and my bosses are happy with my work and I get sufficient encouragement from them, I don't see any reason for changing the job.

    always confident

  • This is an interesting thread with which some people may be familiar who have appeared in interviews but others can also enjoy it as a fun quiz.

    I will also try to answer these as per my perception.

    1. I can not work continuously. I want a small break after 2-3 hours after which I can continue with the job. I avoid coming to office on holidays but do not mind to sit late on working days.
    2. I feel that as per my qualification I am suitable for this job and you will be getting much more contribution from me beyond your expectations as gathered through my biodata and credentials.
    3. Normally I am a peaceful person but if I am ignored by management inspite of my efforts I feel bad about it and may be angry at times.
    4. My goals are to work sincerely and positively to attain the objectives of the company where I work.
    5. My strength is my knowledge, seriousness, clarity of objectives and will to work for the organization.
    6. I am not overqualified.
    7. I do not like to switch jobs frequently and only after seeing my prospects here I can take a view on this.

    Knowledge is power.

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