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    Will my career be fruitful If I choose my career as content/free lancer writer

    Aspiring to take up content development as a free lancer? Searching for the scope, further career path and income? Here, you can check out advice from experts.

    I am back to our channel after a long gap,I thought this is the only place where I will get answers to my questions.
    I am a b tech dropout. Apart from this I am planning to choose my career.
    I am interested in content writing but am not aware of the opportunities ahead if I apt this as my career should I need any qualification for this else I would like to know what are the opportunities in this for dropouts like me. What type of companies will refer me should I do any course for entering this profession? How will be my growth with these further opportunities and how much income can I expect If I select this as a full time profession? Here are the many persons working on this field can share your opinions experiences about this?
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  • As a freelancer in the field of content writing is an interesting profession but seeing the rush and number of large players in this field it may not be a renumerative profession.

    If someone has a neck of good expression in English or any other language to that matter, one can expect to get renumerative jobs from big publishing houses specially in field of editing and rewriting. There is demand for technical writing also but for that laisioning and networking with publishers and publishing house would be required.

    As far as the smaller jobs in the online market are considered one can have a try at,, and

    One thing which I can advise that you being a dropout student of technical degree can try a job with some publishing house quoting your technical background and interest for creative writing. This is a rare combination and may be they may give you an opportunity. Do not ask them for higher salary or renumeration. Let them see your potential and if they are satisfied you will be taken by surprise.

    Anyway this is what at most I can advise at this point of time.

    Good luck.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Content writer/freelancer for a young man like you can't be recommended as a full time job.
    You are a drop out from technical graduation. Just think of any chance to complete that course. Then you will have better options in many fields.
    If you want to be a freelancer and content writer you should have good knowledge in English writing and editing. So you have to improve your english language skills. Many sites are there where you can see lot of work offers for content writers. Some of the sites offer some certification courses also in this field. You can start through those sites and as you gain experience you will get more offers. As suggested by the previous Author you can approach large publishing houses where they recruit people with technical back ground for editing on contract basis.

    always confident

  • Yes, Your carrier will definitely be fruitful. Provided that you will have to do hard work for it. We know about one thing and that is "Hard work is the key of success". Then no matter whether you are related from any stream.

    However, There are some conditions/factors which are very important for you. I explain it one by one:

    1. Interest/Choice: As per your question you are B.Tech dropout and now you want to become a content write/free lance writer. There is no any problem with this field. Because if you have interest in any field, you will definitely be succeed in your field. So interest is very important factor in any field.

    2. Skill: In the field of content writing or free lance writing you must have a very good skill of English i.e. reading, writing, understanding etc. so it is advisable if your English is not good, join any class or join any course for making a better English.

    As far as jobs in this field are concerned, there are lots of website available in the internet. You can approach the same and may it. Some best content writer websites are,, and Here you can visit and try for your job.

  • Few things to consider while doing freelancing.

    1. Money is the biggest concern in the lives of freelance writer. As much as freelancing lifestyle is boasted online, reality is different. You can't get consistent project in freelancing. So you'd have a lot of issues with the way earning can be stabilized in freelancing. How consistent is freelancing writing projects? How good you are going to get paid? Does it replace atleast 20K a month job?

    2. Consistency is another thing. You have to find regular work. If not then it'd affect your productivity. You'd have some months where you may end up not having any earning source at all. And that in itself will affect your mental health and bank. So unless you get consistent work, you can't be taking it like a professional work.

    3. Skills. You have to constantly upgrade skills. Some days you have to write short projects. You have to work on copywriting and headline skills. So such small skill upgrades would help a lot in content writing jobs. You may also need to work on other things like video and images in order to get paid more.

    4. Networking. Sticking with one provider for the content writing job for long is bad. You have to network with other people and make sure to get your resume across. Always build portfolio and build your skills around. That would surely help

    As you can see career for freelancing is not going to be easy. People look at it from angle where they didn't worked in it and going on some online data. I have worked as a coder in freelancing market. And for me it's lot harder than content writing. Especially low spec work destroys the value of a freelancer. So you have to also learn to price your skills. So consult with other freelancer and build your portfolio and do some day jobs to get some real world experience.

  • It is really very difficult to predict whether you will be successsful in the profession of content-writing, or not. I personally feel that success in this field depends upon various factors, the most important of which are your capability and determination. On the other hand, you have to note that this particular field has been witnessing more and more competition.
    So, I would advise you to take content-writing as part-time profession at the initial stage for five years or so. If you achieve success during these five years, then consider making content-writing as full-time profession.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • If you are really interested in content writing and looking for a career opportunity in it then yes you can have a successful career in it ad you can also earn a good amount of money. But there are some conditions.
    1. You will have to first decide about what you can write. Your answer should be only one or two topic. You can't choose many topics because you earn mainly form traffics not from content. So, first choose the topic about which you have deep knowledge and understanding.
    2. Get your own blog or website. It will be very hard for you to meet both ends meet if you will only work as a freelancer because you will be paid a fixed amount for one time only. But if you have your own blog or websites then that blog will serve you for whole life.
    3. Get into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the best method for having a good income if you are opting blogging and content writing as your career. Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products and other things on your blog or website and you are paid for that.
    4. Do a deep research on how to earn through blogging and content writing. It's not that easy to earn online. You will have to learn several things to become a successful blogger. You will have to learn about good content writing, promoting contents and using techniques to increase traffic on your site because traffic is directly proportional to income. The more traffic your site will get, the more you earn.
    As you are a college drop out and you are struggling with your life and professional career. So, you better first do some deep research before jumping to any conclusion.

  • There are two ways how you can enter into this profession.
    1) Make a blog of your won and start earning by Ad Sense or affiliate marketing. This process will be very slow and I would not advice you to do this as a full time work.
    2) Associate with a company as a content writer .one of my friend is working as content writer in a firm and is earning good cash. She is B.Tech.They demand that you have a good English and vocabulary with different ways how you can think and write about a situation. If you have all these qualities you can go for the job.
    My personal suggestion would be for the time being joined an organization and try making your own blog .When you have a good blog you will be able to earn. But as I told earlier it would certainly take time.

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