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    Will difference in my mother's name in certificates create problem for PG

    Worried about difference in spelling in various certificates? Looking out for resolving your worries? Check out this page for responses to your queries.

    My mother's name is spelt differently in my certificates. Will it create any problem in Business school or govt. job? If problems will arise how can they be solved? If I am unable to resolve what should be the further course of action?
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  • I think your father's name is there correctly. In such case you need not worry.
    If father's name is not there and only mother's name is mentioned you have to take some action.
    Go to the school where you have passed your SSC and approach the headmaster and tell him the problem. He will give you an application form. You have to fill it, pay the required fee and attach a copy of the ID proof of your mother in which the name is correctly spelled. He may forward it to board and once board approves the change they will give you the correct duplicate certificate.

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  • Nowadays the certificates issued by various Secondary and Higher Secondary Boards contain both father's name and mother's name of the examinee. If there is discrepancy in your mother's name in different certiciates, it may cause problem in future. But the problem is very easy to sort out. You have to sign an affidavit before a Class-I Magistrate of your locality. The affidavit should be worded like this: "My mother's name is XYZ. But in my ClassX/ClassXII Board certificate, her name has been incorrectly mentioned as xyz. Please note that XYZ and xyz are same person." You have to post similarly-worded advertisement in one English and one vernacular newspaper. You have to keep the affidavit and original newspaper advertisements permanently.

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  • Hello Sulabh,
    If there is father's name also present in the certificate then it will be fruitful for you and there will be no need to worry. You need to concern this a serious issue if there if only mother's name. In this case, you can contact corresponding authorities or department which issue these certificate. You can go with necessary documents and can apply for correction in name at a nominal cost. For example, this is a certificate of your college you can go to the affiliated university and can apply there for the name correction.

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