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    Why people do not use herbal items

    Have a query about herbal items? Wondering why all people do not use them? Here, on this page you can read suggestions from experts.

    Many of us are serious about their health but they never look at the good items from the market for their body and they always try the chemical based items. If you ask any one to make his life healthy and use herbal products like neem ki datun they always feel it is a wastage of time and money.
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  • Herbal medicines were very popular in India prior to 1940 and in those days our grand mothers did not rely upon allopathic medicines.
    Just to start with a few herbal medicines like Tulasi, Amla, Haldi, Neem etc, we can observe its benifits within a couple of days on its consistent use. Tulasi in the form of leaves or Capsules containing 250 mg Tulasi extract is benificial in cough and cold, Insomnia, for maintenance of healthy Blood - pressure and even in the Diabetes. Similarly Amla rich in Vitamin - C is very valuable in maintaining normal lipid profile, a very effective liver tonic, it's Continious use may arrest wrinkles and is a benificial herb for restoration of vision. Haldi does have anti - inflammatory property and can be used for healing up wounds if a pinch of it is taken up with a warm milk in night regularly for a couple of days. Neem is a potent herb used for purifying blood, up keep of normal blood - sugar level, and also because of anti - fungal and anti bacterial in nature the same can be used for the treatment of different skin diseases.
    The herbs are inexpensive but at the same time very effective in curing numerous diseases successfully provided the same is being taken under the supervision of competent Vaidya or Ayurvedic - doctors.
    May be the young generations are not aware of efficacies and usefulness of the herbs and also they don't have time to watch the action of the herbs, they would prefer to consult an allopathic doctor in case someone in their families is suffering from any disease.

  • Lot of medicines that come under herbal and homeopathy are on more of speculative nature. And their results may not be seen as they are more of generic nature. And some of them don't have any effect on different type of bodies. So in such case the best thing you can do is that you make use of the medicine that is proven. In case of herbal medicine, it takes into account of generic symptoms. For example, the herbal remedy for hair fall is generic. It does not take into account whether the hair fall is about ageing, cancer, side effect etc. So the nature of the herbal remedy also may or may not apply. And that's one reason why many people don't make use of the herbal items for anything serious. Same goes for some of the ayurvedic medicine. often the results can be skewed because we are all raising in different weather and metabolism rates and lifestyle difference.

  • We are in the age of speed. We want everything to be done within a short span of time. We don't bother about the losses what we are encountering because of this speed.
    Actually many herbal products are used in Ayurvedic Medicines and they are very good for curing the ailments. They will not have any side effects and it may take a little more time to cure. But once it is cured you will not have any chance of again getting attacked by that problem. Here only hitch is you have to wait for a little more time to get cured and you have to follow certain food restrictions during the usage period. But generally these days nobody can wait for a long period and that is why they go for Allopathy which will work fast. But we are not sure of permanent cure and lot of side effects will be there,
    Olden days in our houses many are using natural herbal and green products only for many diseases. I know a person suffering from typhoid fever used allopathy medicine for 15 days but no improvement. Then he had taken ayurvedic medicines. After a week the fever started coming down and got completely cured in three weeks. So it is always advisable to use herbal medicines. But if we don't have confidence medicine will not work.

    always confident

  • Contrary to this famous myth that people nowadays fall into and further propagate, there are no two types of objects - natural and chemical. Everything that occurs in nature or is man made is chemical only. Naturally occurring objects or herbal items are nothing but complex Carbon Nitrogen compounds.

    Most herbal products in the market don't have any proven clinical research to establish their efficiency. They all are more of a generic well-being focussed items that in any case should be taken as part of a regular diet and not as medicines.
    As far as Allopathy is concerned, these are highly targeted chemicals which have proper scientific research behind them to prove their efficiency and that is why you can see their effects immediately.

    Allopathic medicines will work properly only when there is proper diagnosis and the patient follows the proper treatment as advised by the doctor. You don't have to have "confidence" in them for them to work. All that herbal "medicines" have behind them to prove their working is saying of people that it worked for them or for their so and so relative. For example, in a healthy body, typhoid fever can be dealt by body's own immunity in 4 out of 5 cases. So, though it is better to go for medicines to treat typhoid, even if you take herbal remedies there are chances that you will get better. But people will say that you got cured by herbal "medicines".

  • This is one due to our changing life style.

    We have moved much from home made items to manufactured products. This is same whether it is food, cosmetics or medicine. People naturally prefer to avoid physical labour and want more time for entertainment and comfort. The more the convenience and comfort we get the more we want still. So it is like a flywheel.

    Until my father was alive, we were preparing herbal medicines at our home only. The Ayurvedic doctor(or vaidya) will give the prescription; the herbal ingredients will be either procured from home or around , and those not so available will be bought from the native herbal medicine shops. That needed knowledge about the herbal ingredients,needed laborious preparation to clean and make them ready to add and make the medicine. Most preparations needed longhours in boiling, evaporating, concentrating, filtering, mixing etc and the same may need many cycles of repetition. Some medicines may need gestation time or waiting period before it can be taken for use. Now people have many other tasks and cannot aford to spend long hours in medicine making.
    The second reason is many of the herbs have started vanishing due to deforestation and denudation and destruction by expanding human habitation.
    After all this, the herbal medicines do not work as wonder drugs for instant relief,unlike the allopathic chemical medicines that give instant comfort to the patient. As today's life style does not convenience us to rub a smelly and sticky balm many times to get relief form even a small headache, we prefer to take a chemical ingredient tablet instead and forget the pan within a few minutes.
    Last but not the least, as of now there is no comprehensive testing facility or statute to have a proper and truthful test to evaluate the quantum and quality of the ingredients. Due to the difficulty in procurement of ingredients and long processes,the ready made or manufactured herbal medicines are relatively costly too.

    All this makes people to avoid herbal medicines in the modern days. However now there is a reverse trend catching up due to the awareness of the harmful side effects of the medicines made with chemicals.

  • There could be many reasons and few of them already replied.

    Herbal: It helps to cure but takes time so impatience by the human. Sometime human can't wait for a long time to cure simple and natural fever or headache etc. The medicine from herbal will cure them but takes time, so Allopathy helps to overcome from it quickly, thus people will adopt it obviously.

    Herbal vs Allopathy: As stated above, the allopathy medicine also extracted and combined with the herbal or natural related medicine, and, proven to be most curing method for general health issues and even major health issues. Thus, it works successfully than herbal since herbal is not proven for some health issues though it cures slowly and steadily which again human tendency to get it done quickly unless otherwise different circumstances.

    At present, human addicted to chemical composition than herbal one since yesteryear or few decades. So, chemical helps chemical to remove any side effect as well. You would have seen even these days kids uses pocket food items which cost around Rs 5 or Rs 10 that has huge chemical / artificial composition than herbal or natural one. They too addicted on it since childhood and won't consume much natural items like potato chips or olden days food items which used to make without much artificial things.

  • Herbal medicines are good and they do not have such a huge side effect on your health. It is also low cost than any chemical product. But in spite of all these reasons people rely upon chemical products. I think it is because of our hectic life schedule. Every body wants to do thing fast. If they have any physical problem they want to get relief from it fast.
    But the main problem of herbal product is that they works on a certain problem very slowly. But once they starts working on a certain type of physical problem they cure it properly without having side effect on you. Now a days it is an era of advertisement, as we see different type of advertisement of chemical products;which sometimes any cream or lotion or capsules or tonic whatever it is. People attracted through this commercials and buys these chemical products. Whereas there is no such advertisement for herbal products like haldi, neem, tulsi, adrak, amla etc. So, people do not get motivated to use herbal products.

  • By and large people are taking allopathic medicines for quick relief and this has become so common that most of us have totally forgotton that there are other types of curing or preventive methods like herbal, natural, ayurvedic etc.

    In fact there are many ailments for which we need not to jump to the allopathics. The herbs and natural materials were in abundant use in old times and were very effective also.

    For example taking tea with basil leaves, ginger and black pepper gives relief from common cold. So there are many such natural and herbal cures which are very effective in different different health issues.

    The most important and interesting thing with herbal treatments is that they do not have any side effects while the modern medicine system cures a disease but induces many other problems in the body.

    Knowledge is power.

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