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    Which games do you play on Smartphone

    Interested in playing games on smartphone? Looking out for the names of these games? Check out this page and resolve your queries.

    There are many games and apps in Smartphone or Tablet PC for little time pass or to refresh oneself. In this regard, which games do you play on the Smartphone device? Which one is your favourite game in Smartphone other than old Temple Run or Candy Crush etc.?

    Can you let me know if there are unique apps and games in mobile phone like Pilot training and all?
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  • Dear Member
    Please note the applications like Pilot training ,etc., will be mostly for entertainment or fun purpose only. Even if there are good apps which asks you to pay for the training, they cannot guarantee you a good training. There could be educational apps which might have the training materials but will be up to only a basic level.
    There are some educational apps like Udemy, Coursera, etc., which offers educational videos both in website and app with a proper instructor. There could be a little amount of fee applicable for taking some courses in these apps. So, trying these will get you a basic in any of the categories you are looking for. Before downloading these apps into your mobile, I would suggest you to have a look at the corresponding websites to see if you have required educational videos.


  • There are many games available for mobile phones. Some games are coming with the phone itself.
    If you are interested in games than you have to see the genre in which your interest lies accordingly you can get one from the net as most of them are freely available.
    What I can suggest is three games which are quite engrossing as per my taste - Dots, Suduko, Mahajong, Solitaire and Best friends.
    As I told it depends on the personal liking for the type of games which can amuse and entertain a particular person. So selection is to be done based upon ones choice.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Open your smart phone . Go to google play and open it. It will have many number of games for time pass. Which game to play depends on individual's interest. Basing on your interest you can decide on the games. Games like 2048, wordament, farmville, bubble shooter,roll the ball and many other will be interesting. You can select as per your liking.

    always confident

  • I basically play highly graphic game. If you like the same way of game then you should try(real racing 3) it is same like asphalt 8 .
    if you like mission game with fighting to other person and also have a multiplayer option too,
    then you should try (N.O.V.A )

  • There are many games available in smartphone but I like sudoku as it is very refreshing and interesting for a break from serious work.

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  • The most played games world wide is Clash of Clans online multi-player game. It is a strategy game where a player set up a Village from home far away from home with two primary and island base. A player raises an army of Barbarians, Archers and might troops like Giants, PEEKKA, Golems, Goblins, Witches, Dragons, Wizards, Bowlers, Miners and Lava Hound and go for real time battle against PVP (Player Versus Player) to attack or War. Top game of all time is Clash of Clans.

    Another one is Boom Beach. Better check yourself in our YouTube Video for more tutorials.

    Below, I have listed all the best games.

    1. Zombie Castaways- Offline

    2. Townsmen - Offline

    3. Lara Croft- Tom rider - Offline

    4. Injustice - Online

    5. Shadow Fight - Offline

    6. Assassins Creed - Offline

    7. Mobile Legends- Online

    8. Teen Patti Gold - Online

    9. Alto's Adventure - Offline

    10. NFS Most wanted - Offline (Size 2.0 GB)

    11. Governor of Poker Texas - Offline (Available to buy in App Purchases)

    12. Age of Civilization - Offline

    Please note that all the games mentioned above are strategic games and will take months, years and decades to Max out or couple the game. Games like Clash of Clans, Townsmen, Mobile Legends, Boom Beach are easy to learn but hard to master the strategy of different troops in different situations. It is better to watch the video on YouTube before implementing vague attacks or building up the bases. Also the above games will takes minimum four to six years of regular play to complete the games.

    You can get the updates of those games and strategy in Twitter. Search of JohnDeoStm on Twitter. They come with tricks and tips every month.

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  • There of multiple number of games available for the smartphones for you and some of them are really good for time pass. Mainly games are divided in two general categories and they are on line and off line. Online games generally needs an internet connection in your phone. But in the case of offline games once you have download it, you can play games whenever you want without any internet connection.
    The most popular games are:
    farmville, teen patti, injustice, wordament, bubble shooter etc.

  • Playing a game depends on the quality of gadgets you are using. If you are using a low end gadget then it will spoil your gaming experience. So, first get your hands on some latest gadgets to get the best gaming experience with quick and smooth running and better visual output.
    Some of the games which you can try are listed below according to their categories.

    1. Racing games

    Traffic Rider
    Asphalt 8
    CSR Racing
    Asphalt Nitro

    2. Shooting games

    Critical Ops
    Hitman : Sniper
    Field of Battle
    Modern Combat 5 : Blackout
    Skyforce Reloaded

    3. Adventure games

    Dead effect 2
    Batman : The Telltale Story
    Game of Thrones
    Heroes and Castles

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