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    How to get refund of extra self assessment tax paid for ITR-1?

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    I have paid self-assessment tax two times. The first time, I did not get the challan number and BSR code. After waiting for few days, When Form 26AS, did not show the tax details, I paid tax again and got the challan number and BSR code. After filing and e-verifying what I found that, my first transaction now being shown in the form 26AS. How do I claim it now after successfully submitting and verifying the ITR-1?
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  • You have to fill a revised income tax return following the same procedure except that in the beginning you will have to mention that it is a revised return. I think system may also prompt for that and do not worry there will be a step where you will be asked to mention it

    Now when you give your data the system will calculate the tax liability and deduct the tax shown in 26AS due to which finally a refund will be shown in your name. Now a days they are refunding the refunds very quickly say in a months time to your bank electronically.

    So there is absolutely no problem and whatever tax you have paid extra will come to you in time. In case due to some reason the refund is delayed the IT deptt will give you some interest also on that.

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  • It is so easy, for claiming refund now in this situation you have to file your return once again. Since you have mentioned in your question that you have filled your return and in a tax paid column you have just mentioned only one tax payment. But in reality you should have filled the both of challan's payment.

    Don't Worry about it, You can easily get your refund. The following Procedure you will have to follow:

    1. First go to website of Income tax department and download ITR-1 in excel format.

    2. After that open the same, and filled your information about income. (In type of Return, Choose Revised Return)

    3. and in last when you will fill the information about your Self Assessment Tax, Mention your both of challan details. i.e. challan number, BSR code, date of payment and amount of tax.

    4. Then make a XML file by clicking generate XML button and save it in your desktop.

    5. Once again login with your id and password.

    6. Select Return Filling section or Upload Return.

    7. After that file your return and got acknowledgement of the same.

    8. You can verify it by your aadhar OTP.

    9. You can sent it CPC Bangalore after signed the acknowledgement.

    10. You can submit the same with your digital signature.

    After a few days, your refund will be credited in your bank account.

  • You need not worry. In online submission site you have an option to revise your completely verified Tax return also.
    Already you have submitted once you know how to submit. Go to online incometax site. Open your account and click on my account. A list will drop down. In that revise ITR column will be there. Your filled in returns will open. You can post the details and resubmit the ITR and again everify your returns. That will finish the process. You will get the excess paid tax back in due course with interest I think.

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  • You have to visit Income Tax website (, re-submit the return indicating the details of self-assessment tax paid by you and e-verifying the revised return. You can do it immediately as the last date of filing Income Tax return has been extended upto 5th August, 2017.

    You will get the return in due course of time. There is no reason to worry.

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  • You do not have specified that if you have filed it yourself or anybody did it for yourself. Whatever it is go to the site for incometax i.e.
    After going in that site log in to your account. Now you have to fill up a revised return file for yourself. The process of filling up is so simple as you had already filed your return. On completion submit it and you can do it till 5th of august. So do not worry. do it now.

  • If you had filed the original return o or before due date, then you can file a revised retun correcting any error or mistake that happened in the original return.

    However you may file the revised return as early as possible, because nowadays the IT return processing is faster and once the ITR V or verification is over, the processing can start . So please file the corrected revised return soon.
    You may do in the same in ITR-1 form as you did for the original. In the relevant space where it is asked original(or otherwi) , you should select 'under section 139(5)'. Then make the corrections wherever needed and once more review and ensure that everything is okay. You may observe that the system adds the tax you have remitted and the final calculation is done by the system including that also. In case it is not automatically captured incorporate same as addition under the tax paid/self assessment tax paid column coming after the TDS captured automatically.You can compare the revised return with original and make sure that now it is okay. Then only you submit upload.

  • I have filed a revised return (ITR-1). The revised return has automatically filled the extra tax paid and refund status is also automatically calculated. Thank you, everyone, for the advice.

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