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    Mistake in father's name in application form

    Worried about a spelling mistake made in job application form? Looking out for help and advice? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can find advice from experts.

    I have applied for NIT Rourkela non technical staff post and I am shortlisted for that. But in the application form I have entered my father's name wrongly. Will there be any problem to me at the time of written exam? I am in a daze. Could you respond?
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  • There is absolutely no need the panic. These are the mistakes we do when we are in a hurry though it is always advisable to recheck your things when you fill such important forms.

    Now you have to take some valid document pertaining to your father like Aadhar card/ Voter card/ driving license etc along with photocopy to the institution and request them to correct it beforehand. If it is not possible for you at this juncture then do not bother simply take these things with you when you go for your written exam and in case someone asks for it show it.

    After the exam if you are selected you do this before the interview but if that is not feasible due to logistic reasons do not bother and take these documents pertaining to your father for on the spot correction there itself at the time of interview.

    Good luck.

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  • I think you need not worry. Before you go for written exam send a letter by registered post saying that you have written wrong spelling of your father's name and mention the correct name and attach a proof of correct father's name like your SSC certificate or Aadhaar etc..
    They will allow you for exam. Get prepared well and have a success. Best of luck to you

    always confident

  • I think you have not to worried. You have not mentioned how did you fill the form. Most of the exams and exam forms are filled online now a days. If you have filled your form online then they provide some days to correct the spelling mistakes or some other mistake made at the time of form filling. So, be updated for the last date of correction in exam form.
    If you have filled the form offline then please contact the office or write a letter with attested photocopy of a valid document to the concern office.
    Hope this will help you.

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  • This is a mistake which can be corrected at the time of interview very easily. Only thing is you have to take proper documents with you to prove that the correct name of your father is such and such.
    One thing is try to get rectified it beforehand on the previous day of interview so that there will not be any hassle on the following day.

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