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    Cure for thigh and penis itching problem

    Have some query about itching in private parts?Looking out for cure and remedies to resolve this problem? On this page you can read cures from experts.

    Its been a week and I am not able to get rid of itching when I rub there. It gets reddish and some liquid type come out, it is on penis and on thigh and getting bigger and bigger day by day. Can you tell me its cure? I can't sleep at night. This type of itching occurs 1st time to me can you tell some effective method to cure this problem?
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  • Its very common things which man always deal with it. its happen due to sweat pants please change your pant twice a day and take a bath on daily basis twice . Use soap ( keto) easily available in chemist store result will we in 2 weak .

  • Personal huygiene is very important in these matters and has been mentioned above.

    Now a days there are some soaps which give relief from this problem. One such soap is Medimix and it is very effective.

    If the above measures do not give relief then you have to consult a doctor who may prescribe some anti bacterial and antifungal skin oinment for getting rid of this problem.

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  • It is a common phenomenon particularly during this monsoon season. I would suggestt the following:-

    (a) Use clean and dry undergarments.
    (b) Change undergarments everyday.
    (c) Use undergarments of cotton.
    (d) Clean the affected area with a new soap and dettol/savlon.
    (e) After taking bath, dry the affected area. Wait for sometime (after taking bath) before wearing clothes.
    (f) If you don't find any improvement, visit a doctor (preferably dermatologist) and act according to his/her advice.

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  • This is a very common problem for many. This is mainly because of sweating in these area because of tight underwears. There is an ointment called fourderm or quadriderm. You can purchase any one of the two ointments mentioned above and apply on the parts before you wear your under garments. In a week the itching will come down. Stop of the ointment and start applying prickly heat powder in the morning and evening after your bath. Don't use very tight undergarments. Change at least once a day these under garments. Use a soap by name Dermodue instead of normal soaps.

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  • If it was only the itch I would have advised you about the personal hygiene too. But you mention reddening and liquid filled pores. That's strange. If you have a fever when this happened, immediately consult your doctor.
    Well, try using itch guard for time being. Reddening and fluid formation show inflammation. This could be a bacterial or fungal infection. Make sure your clothes are dry before you wear them. Try using Dermi cool powder too to reduce sweat and irritation.

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  • If things are becoming intolerable and increasing please visit a doctor immediately. The soft edges of private part may be itching due to coming in continuous contact with the other affected areas. However if some oozing comes from there due to this, then you should visit doctor immediately.
    In the meantime you may try the following:
    1. Whenever possible avoid using the undergarment. Avoid tight garments. Avoid garments with linings with plastic etc and with rough edges.
    2, Use the 'prickly heat' powders which promise prevent itching. You may use 'adsorb'(adzorb) powder for this purpose.
    3.Use some disinfecting soaps like dettol or savlon for washing the affected area.
    3.Add a few drops of lemon juice in the water you use for bathing or washing.
    4. Do not scratch heavily. Ensure that your nails are not sharp. You may use soft clean cloth or sponge rubbing.
    5.Use free and airy ventilating clothes whenever possible.
    6. Keep the area clean and free of sweat as far as possible.Keep the area dry as far as possible.

    Visit a doctor if needed.

  • What you have is in all probability a fungal infection which has become inflamed because of scratching. This is a common condition but is more common in men than in women. The most common causes of the infections are –

    1. Poor hygiene
    2. Synthetic underwear
    3. Build up of sweat, leading to excessive moistness in the groin
    4. Tight trousers, shorts, underwear, jeans
    5. Friction in the region because of heavy thighs

    Change the way you do a few things -

    1. Maintain hygiene
    2. Switch to cotton briefs
    3. Wipe your groin and privates dry, after bath and heavy exercise
    4. Lose weight
    5. Go without underwear, when at home
    6. Wash your briefs and pants well and leave them in the sun, to dry

    You can try some home remedies -

    1. Make a paste with turmeric and water and apply on affected area
    2. Dust baking powder in the groin region, after washing and drying it
    3. Do not use normal soap, switch to medicated soap, there are quite a few in the market, such as Aactaril by Himalaya Herbals. Look for soaps with Tree Tea Oil or antifungal properties. The chemist will be able to help
    4. Apply corn-starch in the area
    5. Wash with salt water and pat dry
    6. Use Itchguard ointment, it is easily available
    7. Alternatively, use Candid – B, it is available as an ointment and in powder and liquid form. The powder is recommended during the day, as it absorbs excessive moisture
    8. The best anti-fungal ointments, powders etc have clotrimazole or miconazole as active ingredients.


    If none of these remedies work, it is recommended that you see a doctor. The doctor might put you on oral medication to fight the fungus or yeast or whatever infection you have. Give it a week, at the most, and if your condition doesn't improve it is time to see a doctor.

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  • Hygiene is the basic solution to this. You can do the following in order to reduce this: _
    1) Put one spoon of savlon in the bucket and using mug wash the affected parts.
    2) Please change your undergarment regularly. Wearing them for a long might aggregate the problem.
    3) Apply an anti bacterial cream near the affected part.
    4) Do remember to cut the pubic hair if they are a reason for the problem.
    5) Wash your towel regularly and this might spread.
    6) Don't exchange clothes with peers or siblings.
    7)Iron your undergaments before wearing.

  • Its very common to have itching in private parts. It may be due to some unhygienic facts like
    1) If we don't wash after urine.
    2) Wearing wet undergarments.
    3) Depends on the texture of undergarments.
    You can prevent it by
    1) Keep always your parts dry.
    2) Wear cotton based undergarments.
    Home remedies for itcing
    1) Apply prickly heat powder on your thighs always after bath.
    2) Apply itch-guard for minor itching.
    3) Sometimes if there is a bite of some insect also it may happen so for all that mix turmeric with little coconut oil and apply and wash after 30 minutes.
    4) Keep that area always clean and hygienic. Especially clean the unwanted hair growth.

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