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    Facing pain on one teeth during drinking water and eating food.

    Having pain in teeth? Finding it difficult to drink water and food? Here on this Ask Expert page you can read get home remedies to your query.

    Facing pain on one teeth during drinking water and eating food some times. I want to do some home remedy to resolve this issue. Can anyone share his opinion on this matter?
    I am also facing some space between two teeth since last one month and previously there was no space.
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  • Use clove oil to get immediate relief. Thereafter start brushing your teeth with neem twig. If you are not comfortable with neem twigs, then use a toothbrush with very soft bristles and medicated toothpaste. Stop taking very hot or very cold food items including cold drinks. Cold drinks cause irreparable damage to the enamel of the teeth. If even after fifteen days the problem persists, visit a qualified dentist and get the dental x-ray done. Follow his/her advice thereafter.

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  • When you feel pain or sensation in tooth during intake of water then it is due to various reasons.

    It may be possible that tooth may have an enlarged cavity. Another thing is gums may be receding and creating exposed spaces. If enamel of tooth is degrading then also this feeling will be there. One possibility is crack in the tooth which will also create this.

    In such cases one has to go to doctor so that remedial measures like filling of tooth or extraction or root canal can be undertaken. Sometimes they will clean the gums and remove the unnecessary plaque from the teeth.
    Meanwhile one has to use clove oil which is a good home remedy.

    Flouride toothpaste is also recommended for sensitive teeth.

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  • Please follow the following.
    1. Dabur is selling a special type of tooth powder for teeth cleaning. You purchase that. Take a good smooth brush and clean teeth with that powder. Otherwise you can use sensodyne.
    2. This problem is mainly due to loss of enamel on your teeth. Don't use any mint paste. Don't take very cold or very hot drinks. Always drink normal water only
    3. Cavities should be filled immediately. Better go to a dentist he will fill those cavities.
    4.While cleaning also you should not press the teeth very hard with the brush.
    5. Clean the teeth after every meal very gently as suggested above.
    Do this for about 3 weeks if there is any improvement continue till it gets cured completely. Otherwise go and consult a dentist.

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  • Hi Santosh,
    I think it is a case of teeth sensitivity. I also have faced such kind of problem few days ago. In this problem you are not able to eat or drink something which is too cold or too hot. Teeth sensitivity caused due to enlarged cavity. So, you must consult a dentist to get rid rid of the problem permanently.
    But you have asked for some home remedies. The available home remedies are as follows:
    1. Rub the affected teeth with some table salt with the help of your fingers. then wash your mouth with water. Do it for frequent times a day for few days.
    2. Rub some clove oil in your affected teeth.
    3. Always use soft brush with bristles that are mild on your teeth. Always use medicated tooth paste to brush your teeth.

  • Though you can get some temporary relief using home remedies, now you need to consult a dentist doctor and rectify the problem. Otherwise the problem will deteriorate and lead to lot of problems including infection and loss of teeth.

    For the time being, use warm water with salt before cleaning teeth in the morning and for washing mouth every time.
    Wash teeth and gums with warm salt water before going to bed. Avoid taking acidic foods and juices like lemon juice, tamarind, sweet items. Do not use extreme cold or extreme hot items.
    Avoid using hard brushes and abrasive items or brushing. Use some popular sensitivity toothpastes.

    Visit a dentist.

  • Sensation in teeth while sipping water is an indication of bad gums or crack or hollowness in teeth. This requires immediate filling of teeth. In extreme cases extraction may also be required.
    Normally before going to doctor for temporary relief the clove oil can be applied to the affected area.
    In case of pain associated with sensation one might have to take some analgesics also.

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  • In my view you are sensitive to hot and cold.Some tips that might be useful to you are
    • Always brush your teeth before having a meal.
    • Avoid having cold water after having tea.
    • But a good mouth wash. It helps to keep germs away and is good for healthy teeth.
    • Clove oil should be applied on the teeth.
    • Please check if all your teeth are free from bacteria or cavity. Please get it checked.

  • If the pain is severe, it is better to consult a dentist. As you also have a gap forming in between teeth, it can be fixed by a dentist only. However I am listing down some home remedies which I normally do when I get tooth ache.

    1. Brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse it off. It will give you a little relief. You can rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
    2. Apply clove oil or bite a clove by keeping it on the affected tooth. It will slightly pain but you will get a relief.
    3. Crush a garlic clove and have it placed on the teeth which is hurting. I have done it once when my pain was severe and start to pain even more but after few minutes it started coming down and it became bearable.
    4. Take ice cubes and cover it with a towel and place it on your cheek near the affected area. this really helps in most cases.
    5. Clove oil mixed with olive oil and salt will also help. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and have it placed on the affected tooth.
    6. Chewing a ginger piece also helps at times. It gradually brings down the pain.
    7. Try not to eat with that side for 2 - 3 days, once the pain is gone, you can slowly start using that teeth of yours. Also make sure to brush your teeth often. While brushing, use salt and black pepper powder.

    If nothing of the above works, please do not waste time rather take an appointment with a dentist and get it fixed.

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