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    About drawing system flow chart for processing customers sales order

    Wondering how to draw a flowchart for customer sales order? Searching for detailed flowchart online? Find suggestions from experts here.

    Following questions are asked in AMIE section B practical assignment.
    1) To describe in detail a pay roll data processing application giving inputs, outputs and files required. Draw a system flow-chart and show the structure of input documents and output reports.

    2)System Flow Chart-I Objective:- To draw the system flow-chart showing the following steps in processing customers sales order.
    a) Open the mail
    b) Make an entry in an 'Order log' recording the receipt of each order
    c) Edit the order for missing or erroneous information; if no error go to (e), else go to (d)
    d) Add any needed information
    e) Check the customer's credit rating
    f) Forward orders from customers with bad credit ratings to the credit manager. If he rejects it, the party is to be intimated; otherwise go to (g)
    g) Forward orders from customers to the Key punch department
    h) Place the sales order in a file
    i) Sort the sales order cards using computer into item number sequence
    j) Process the sales order cards against the inventory master file producing an updated master file and a printed listing of each transaction.

    Can you give me guidance for drawing flow chart?
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  • A flowchart is a pictorial representation of a process. Every process comprises of a chain of steps and if these steps can be put in different boxes and these boxes are connected through logical arrows then resulting diagram is known as a flowchart.

    If you are new to flowchart then you should first attempt easier flowcharts with less number of reasoning and logic. With practice you can attempt difficult flowcharts also. Once the basics of flowcharts are understood then you can draw the flow charts for the processes which you have mentioned in your query.
    Different types of shapes are used for these boxes to identify their purposes. Elongated circles are used for start and end of a process. Rectangles are used for action or instruction. Diamond shapes are for decision making from where generally arrows for yes and no will emerge connecting to their successive instructions. Parrelograms are used for input and output.

    The different shapes are selected for ease of understanding the flow chart effectively in a visual way.

    If you are interested there are some sites where detailed diagrams are depicted. One of them is -

    Knowledge is power.

  • I suggest making use of the Dia for flow chart. You can also make use of the Libreoffice that has the flowchart option. Also if you have Microsoft Office that can be used for the charts too. Apart from this mindmapping tools are also good for the flow of the chart to be displayed here. You may want to try Xmind in that case.

    In case of the flow chart for cusotmer orders, your scenario looks similar to the e-commerce order process flow. So see if you can make use of that. You can check out the process here :

    Alternatively there is one more variation for this type of flow chart. You may want to take a look at this chart too.

  • Before attempting flow chart one has to understand the logic behind the process and various branchings where decisions are taken. At every decision point there will be some options and after exercising those options the following chart will be prepared.
    Now once the process is understood one has to put it in form of boxes and arrows connecting those boxes.
    This may require some practice as each process will have different elements and their interconnections.
    The feedback loops and their effect on process is one important part to be depicted in flow charts.
    There are many tools in net which can be used for drawing purposes but understanding logic is the thing one has to effort himself.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • 1.Receive the order by opening the mail
    2. Logging the order in the order book indicating the receipt of the order
    3. verify the order for full information
    4.If all required information is available ,go for customer credit rating verification. If some information is missing add the needed information and then check the customer credit ratings.
    5. If the customer credit ratings are ok send it to key punch Department.
    6. If the customer credit ratings are not OK send it to Credit Manager.
    7. If the credit manager rejects it you can reject the order and accordingly inform the customer. If he accept the order send to as key punch Department
    8. Place the order in the file.
    9.Sort out the master file -
    9. Make the master list of order s update.
    I have given you in the sequence.
    This is how we can make a flow chart. You have to use correct boxes. I
    All the best to you.

    always confident

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