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    Incorrect mother's name in degree certificate

    Worried about incorrect name in degree certificates? Wondering if it will create a problem in applying government job? On this page you can read the responses and resolve your worries.

    My mother's name is incorrectly spelled in my graduation degree. It's different than what's given in my 10th and 12th marksheets. Also my degree doesn't have my father's name. It only has mine and my mother's name.
    Will that create any problem in applying for government jobs?
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  • You have to approach the university or college office for rectification of this mistake. You will be required to submit an application along with the documentary evidence in favour of your mothers correct name as has been reflected in your earlier certificates and marksheets.

    The documentary evidence means Aadhar card or Driving license or voter card etc. Please check that the name is rightly spelt on these documents. Sometimes house electricity bill also serves the purpose. Whatever document you take with you consistancy should be there. It is advised to take multiple documents also if available.

    If all your certificates in past were having mothers name then there is absolutely no poblem and you can go with your mothers name here also.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Knowledge is power.

  • 10th class certificate is the authenticated document for your name, your parent name and your date of birth. So even though there is a spelling mistake in mother's name in your graduation certificate it will not be a hindering issue for you. However it is better to get it corrected. When you have joined in degree you might have submitted your SSC certificate to your college. So the mistake is by your college and university. Visit the college. Give a letter mentioning clearly the mistake in the spelling of the name of your mother and attach a certified copy of your SSC certificate. They will do the needful.

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