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    Regarding Composite Transfer Traveling allowance

    Having a query about travelling allowance? Searching for detailed supporting documents pertaining to composite transfer travelling allowance? Here, you can read the responses from experts and resolve your query.

    I recently got transferred from Z class (Uniam) city to Y class city (Ranchi). I am working in a Central govt. Office but still getting pay according to 6th commission (UGC). As per 6th pay commission I will get Rs. 45/km or Rs. 27 /km for transporting conveyance items (6000kg). Kindly provide or cite any supporting documents for this.
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  • As per my knowledge the distinction between cities is removed in 7th pay commission and a uniform rate as applicable presently will continue.

    For transportation of personal effects for categories level 6 to 11 for 6000kgs the rates are Rs 50/km and for personal conveyance rates are not changed and 6th CPC rates will be applicable.

    You can claim as per 6th CPC rates for your level for conveyance transport accordingly.

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  • Since you are getting 6th CPC Pay, you will be governed under 6th CPC orders for your transfer entitlements. As a result, you will definitely get only Rs.27 per KM for transporting of personnel effects for the given quantity of entitlement. As you may be aware that the transfer entitlements would always be counted for the station where from you have moved out i.e. last served station category. Since you have served and moved out from Z class city, you will get Rs.27 only after applying the increase element of DA crossing of 50%.

    Since you have requested for documentary proof, you can verify GOI, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure OM No.19030/3/2008-E-IV Dt.08.06.2010.

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