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    Software to convert Google map to AutoCAD File

    Want to convert Google map to AutoCAD format? Searching for the most appropriate freeware to do so? Here, on this Ask Expert page read the suggestions from experts and resolve your query.

    Do we have any software which can convert the google map in to AutoCAD (.dwg ) file?
    i am working on area map of my village in south Tamil Nadu, it will be more easy to take the google map into AutoCAD (.dwg ) file with correct scale , so that I will be able to add the other details in my working drawing.
    Can any one help me to find the software which converts the google map to AutoCAD file or any freeware available for this or any short cut to work on that?
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  • You can download google maps as PDF. You can then convert your .dwg file to PDF too. .
    Now PDF files can be viewed by smartphones and there are autocad apps too in the play store.
    I think this will help you.
    And this website claims that it can export google maps to CAD.
    Else take a screenshot of the map, then convert it into the DXF file.

    Or you can export the map details in KML format and then use it for conversions.

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  • There are some apps which are used for conversions from Google map to auto CAD.
    One of them which is used by many engineers and architects is available at

    This application is available for a trial period of 14 days and if you are satisfied then license for 1 year use at nominal prices can be availed.

    There are some tricks and approximate methods which can be seen at many auto CAD forums but their authenticity is questionable.

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  • Here are some of the ways with which you can convert the google map data into the AutoCad file.

    1. KMLToos : This tool is good enough for the conversion of the data into autocad.

    2. Autocad Map : This tool helps to import the google map data into autocad.

    3. Civil3d : This is another tool that helps you import the google map data.

    4. Autodesks Map3D & Autodesk Infraworks 360 : This maybe expensive option where you can do the import for google map data.

    These are some of the best options for you for importing the google map data.

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