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    Black spot due to fungal infection on upper lips

    Are you interested in removing black spots due to fungal infection? Looking out for whether to use medication or not? Here, on this page you can read advice from experts and resolve your query.

    During summer season I had a fungal infection on my upper lips due to excessive sweating. Now it has been cured but has left an ugly dark spot. It is fading but not as fast as I want it to. Somebody asked me to use Momate ointment on it for 10 days only. Should I or it is better to leave it that way?
    I don't want any side effects. I am very fair, and this is awful.
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  • Fungal infections spread with moisture. Dry your lips often. If you're afraid to take the ointment there are a number of natural remedies: Turmeric paste, coconut oil, yogurt, Aloe vera gel, garlic etc..; Mycostatin fungal creams are used in tropical countries like ours to keep the infection in check. You might want to use it. But it causes allergies in some cases. So better opt natural remedies. Wash your face frequently and dry it properly. Brush your teeth twice a day.

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  • First and foremost thing is keeping the area dry and moisture free to avoid further growth of the fungus.

    Generally this comes from outside water or stagnant water if one has cleaned his face from such sources. Sometimes in humid and hot climates where it becomes difficult to manage sweat these type of infection catch the skin. Due to vitamin B and folic acid deficiency these fungus are often created on the soft skin sides. Basically it is related to the body immune system and if immune response goes down these infections are more prone to infect one.

    There are home remedies like coconut oil, yoghurt, castor oil, tea tree oil, turmeric etc which are the common remedies for this.

    However if the fungal infection sustains for more days it is advisable to go to doctor who can give anti fungal oinment and vitamin suuplements specially vitamin B12 for curing this.

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  • In order to arrest the fungal - infection, care should be taken to keep the area dry so that there is no progression of the disease. I would advise you to take a few tips to get rid of the the infection.
    1) First of all, care should be taken to wipe out constipation in case you are suffering from it. You may consume at least 2.5 litre of water to flush out the toxins. This will help you in tackling the disease.
    2) Neem leaves are anti- fungal and antibacterial in nature and hence its consumption of five to six Neem - leaves after thorough washing should be chewed twice in the empty stomach and the you may get desirable effect within a week. However continue the treatment for a month.
    3) Aloe - Vera gel may be applied thoroughly in the affected area at least tewice in a day. This works wonders in case of fungal - infection.
    4) Very often deficiency of vitamins, particularly Vitamin B complex may cause difficulty in eliminating the skin - disorder and so you may take a tab of Vitamin - complex regularly.
    5) Avoid the use of excess spice and oil in your food and also desist from fast foods.
    6) Taking a pinch of turmeric powder in along with warm hot milk for some days would also produce positive result since turmeric is anti fungal and anti bacterial in nature.
    Even after using these tips, you fail to get a desired result, you should meet the Physcian in order to arrest the issue.

  • Keep the lips always dry.
    The main reason for these black spots is deficiency of vitamin B. So you have to take b complex tablets daily.
    Apply neem oil on the black spots and keep for some time and then wash with turmeric powder and don't use any soaps till your problem reduces.
    Consume more water and don't eat very hot foods.
    However it is better to consult doctor and use medicine as per his advise.

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