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    How to become a cricketer and play for India in the future?

    Aspiring to become a cricketer? Looking out advice from experts to taking up this profession? On this page, read advice from experts and resolve your query.

    I am 14 years old and I want to become a cricketer. So could you please tell me a way how to go into it?
    I play good cricket not just at a satisfactory level.
    How to approach this problem because I want to make this as my career and play for the country one day?
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  • For making cricket as career is a long drawn battle of hard work, determination and will to excel.

    From your statement it is very evident that you have an aptitude for this game and this is the primary requisite. Now you have to try to play in your school team whenever there is such opportunity. You continue your education and continue your passion in playing for your school or college team. Meanwhile you find out whether there is any cricket club or establishment which has a cricket team playing in district or state level tournaments.

    Once you enrol in a club you can play for them and once your performance is above average they will ask you to play in tournaments. This way you have to slowly try to go up in this particular career.

    If you feel your game is improved significantly then you can switch to bigger clubs either in your area or nearby outside places/towns.

    Do not discontinue your studies till you have a firm footing in this area. Remember there is no substitute for hard work.

    Good luck.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You have to practice the game much. First try to play with your friends in the school whenever you get a chance. If any good cricket academy is available near your place or if you can afford in father places also, you can join in the academy and there you will get a very good coaching and you can practice under the supervision of a good cricketer. once you are through , try to join in a good cricket club and start playing with other clubs. This will be starting point of your career. Number of CDs and Videos will be available for old matches and cricketers. watch them to understand what shot you should play for different balls and how you have bowl to different people knowing their weaknesses. Then definitely you will excel in your game and you will get chances to represent in national and international matches. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • I have found out that the cricket is one of the game of luck and hard work. You can see that cricket is something that would always be approached with the young mind. But these days many people in 30s are playing it actively too. So if you wish to perform in this crowded space, then you have to work harder.

    Choose your best performance - either bowling or batting or both would do. Perform in local tournament. And see if you can get into IPL type of the small T20 tournaments. That should increase your confidence in the series. And many selectors pay attention to such type of the cricket series. And that can also get you selected.

    Apart from that don't ignore the education. Focus on that part so that you have some alternative career to look upto in this case.

  • If you are interested in this line slowly you have to increase your proficiency in the game by practice. Regular exercises and good physique are required for excelling in games.

    Once you are in your graduation you have to look for some club or cricket team with whom you can associate and play the show matches or tournaments.

    That is the starting point but based on your performance you can definitely excel in this line.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • The first part of the question can be answered. As you are only 14 years old, you can enrol yourself in a good cricket coaching academy in/near your city to hone your skill. Thereafter, start playing for league cricket in the capital of your state. Work hard, practise seriously and have determination. If you have denuine promise you will play in the sub-junior, junior level of your state and later you can make it to your state team. You will start playing first-class cricket and ODI/T-20 at state level.

    Getting selected in the Indian cricket team depends upon your level of development, diligent work of highest order, determination, attitude and to some extent luck.

    Age is on your side. Best of luck to you!

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

  • You are only 14 right now and you are playing good cricket at your level then you can opt it as your career. At this age if you continue working hard then no doubt you will play for our country one day and we will cheer for you. But the road to Indian team is not that straight. There will be many ups and down, you may feel like quitting. Your own family will ask you to focus on something else than wasting your time on cricket. In short you will have to struggle a lot and if you are not strong minded or determined then I fear you will give up in the middle.
    You should first talk to your parents about this matter than deciding your career by yourself. You must seek their permission first. if they want you to play cricket then it will be easy for you to focus on your game.
    You must get yourself enrolled in any club under the guidance of some good coach. Lock one thing in your mind for good for success you will have to work your ass off. If you have decided that you have to play cricket then forget the world and focus on your aim with all your heart and soul and success will come after you.
    Hope this will be helpful.
    With regards

  • As you are 4 years old and want to become a cricketer.To become a cricketer you must be passionate & want it so badly.You should play for school/club cricket. From this you will get noticed in the local leagues & tournaments and you will get selected for your District Under 14 team.Once you will be in district team just focus on game and maintain your game.Then try to proceed to under 16 and then to under 19. The state teams play with each other and then the Indian under 19 team is selected. If you maintain your game you will be in Indian team. Many Indian cricket players are selected from the Indian under 19 team.

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