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    Cost of "Digene" tablet for digestion

    Have a query about Digene tablet? Searching for details of when to use it and its side effects? You can read the answers here and decide when to use Digene.

    What's the cost of one "Digene" tablet which is useful for digestion?
    Can "Digene" tablet be consumed without Doctor's supervision?
    Is "Digene" an Indian product or manufactured in India ?
    What are the side effects of "Digene" ?
    Which is more effective syrup or tablet?
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  • Digene is an anti ulcer drug. It contains aluminium hydroxide which neutralizes extra acid (hydrochloric acid) in the stomach and gives relief to people suffering with acidity and other reflexes from stomach.

    This medicine if taken for a long time or in large quantity can produce many side effects.

    In certain medical conditions this medicine is not to be used. If a person is hypersensitive to aluminium salts he should avoid it.

    Some people take digene without consulting doctors but it is always better and advisable that medicines are to be taken after consulting a doctor.

    It is a cheaper medicine and costs only Rs 1 for 1 tablet.

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  • Digene is not exactly for digestion. Digene is a tablet which contains a basic compound known as aluminium hydroxide. It is useful to neutralise excess acid that is being produced in your body. So the tablet is used mainly for reduction of ga problem and of course for ulcers.
    In my opinion any medicine should be used only under the supervision of a doctor only. All these allopathic medicines will contain some synthetic chemicals which will be useful for curing the disease but they will some side effects which are not known to us. It is to be used after getting prescribed by a physician.
    But digene is a very common drug and [people use it without asking any doctor. One or two may be ok. But using them regularly without asking a doctor is not advisable. The cost amy be around Rs.1/-

    always confident

  • My answers are:-

    (a) The cost of Digene tablet is less than Re. 1/- per tablet. The chemist shops generally sell ten tabets to the customers.
    (b) Regularly taking Digene tablets has various side-effects, the most critical among them is that the regular user gets totally dependant on this tablet for digestion. Moreover, regular use reduces its effectiveness. Besides, some people may be allergic to Digene.
    (c) Generally the liquid form of Digene is moree effective in children.

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  • Digene is a cheaper drug costing Rs12 for a strip of 10 tabs. It is basically used for acidity in the stomach as the chemical in digene is alkaline and neutralizes the acid in stomach.
    This is a very popular drug as it gives immediate relief.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Digene tablet is used in cases of excess gas problem, Stomach upset, Heartburn, Stomach acid, Increases water in the intestines and other conditions. Digene tablet is mainly composed of activated Poly Di Methyl Siloxane, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Dried Aluminum Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide as ingredients. This tablet works by neutralizing the acid in the stomach and providing relief from flatulence. This tablet also prevent gastroesophageal relief.

    Digene Tablet can be used in following cases :-
    >> Stomach upset
    >> Stomach acid
    >> Increases water in the intestines
    >> Skin disorders
    >> Lower phosphate levels
    >> Gas Problem
    >> Heartburn
    >> Acid Indigestion

    Digene Tablet common Side-effects are given under :-
    >> Muscle discomfort
    >> Loss of appetite
    >> Respiratory toxicity
    >> Asthma
    >> Constipation
    >> Coughing blood

    Digene comes in flavored chewable tablet comes in mint, orange,mixed fruit and pudina jeera flavors. Digene comes in tablet and Gel form.This tablet id manufactured by Abbott Healthcare Private Limited in Maharashtra.

    The cost of 1 strip containing 10 tablets is Rs 12.

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