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    Handling my one kid for going to school is very difficult

    Having a problem with school going child? Wondering how to ensure that he does not cry while getting into the school bus? On this page you can check out advice from experts and resolve your query.

    Handling my one kid for going to school is very difficult? Daily he cries when the school bus come. He is 3 years old now. Me and wife both need to go with him to tackle the situation. Can anyone advice me about how to handle it in a better way?

    He also does not listen to the teacher in class. We tried from our side but improvement ratio is very less.
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  • Yes. It is a common problem in many cases. My brother is having a similar problem. Their daughter wants daily somebody to accompany him to school.
    Initially my brother called his retires father in law. For the first one month, the daughter. my brother's wife and his father in law used to go to school. After she was sent to class her grandfather used to sit outside and wait for her. Once the school is over they used to comeback. After a month only grandfather and the baby used to go to school and once she has gone to the class grandfather used to come back and again go to school before she comes out of class. After two months while going only grandfather is going and dropping her in the school and coming back. While coming she is coming on her own. Slowly after another one month she started going on her own and coming back alone. This is how they handled the situation. If you can try this, please try.

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  • Many children have a fear of school and school atmosphere and it is really difficult to pursue them to go there.

    This is a psychological issue and to be dealt in an appropriate way. We have to find out whether in school some other child is behaving with our child in aggressive and wild ways. If so we may have to accompany him for a day to see that situation and ask the teacher to take care of this aspect.

    Another thing is sometimes the child gets time to time some choclate or some nourishment in the home which he may be missing in school and his subconcious mind will demand for it.

    One more thing which is possible that tiny tots are generally not obedient and resist any type of order. In school they are asked to follow certain things and be in discipline which irritates them.

    So what is required is change the house atmosphere to school atmosphere if not fully to some extent so the child sees the similarities in the atmosphere around him and does not resist for going to school. Even sometimes you have to resort to tough measures so that the little boy should not be able to exploit you centimentally.

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  • Nurturing the children up to the age of five is very challenging and during one to four years of age, the pampering from the mother and father matters the most. There is nothing wrong to shower affection and love through pampering, but at the same time parents must teach the importance of going to school , having good studies and being great in the society. And parents must investigate for what reason the child is not going to school. It may be due to fearing of bus driver or conductor who is not caring your child or chiding for no reason. The class teacher may be rude for not behaving, or not keeping the books in good condition or for many other reasons. The child will have the fear of constant retaliation as if he or she has lost all the love and affection from the parents. Talk to him and get to know the reason for not going to school. He can be changed to a good child.

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  • This question made me nostalgic. I remember, I was 4 years old when my parents sent me to school. Some things I remember myself, and some were told to me by my parents. I didn't like going to school as well in the beginning. So what my mother used to do was, she accompanied me to the school. She used to tell me that, she will be sitting just outside the class and she used to. I used to look outside, and she was there. So I felt good that my mother is out there. When she thought that now I am busy in what's happening in the class, she used to quietly escape from there. When I used to reach home and ask her, where she went, she used to say this to me very politely "I was sitting outside but your teacher scolded me and I came back home" and I was convinced. This cycle repeated for a week or so and then I started enjoying in school so I myself asked her to not come now. Sweet memories!
    So you can do the same thing with your child as well. As you and your wife both go to work, you can take turns and accompany him to school every alternate day. He will gradually start liking the school and won't cry.

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  • Hi,
    It is a very common problem of parents. but you have to deal with the situation very carefully. Actually when you sent a child to school for first time he/she felts some type of insecurity and get feared. So, convince him/her politely to go to the school.
    For the first couple of months accompany him both of you. For next few days just you accompany him and then for the next few days only his mother can accompany him. Then accompany him only the school going time. If you have arranged a school bus or cab try to leave him alone so he can return to the home only with the other students. When he will see that the other children are also alone like him, then he will not cry. The only thing that you need in this matter is lots of patience and time.

  • It happens sometime that due to change of atmosphere than home a child can find the school very different and may have reluctance in going there.
    This has to be tackled delicately as child should not be handled roughly. We have to treat him softly and try to console out of the situation for pursuing him to go to school and even we have to accompany him and be there in recess sometimes.
    It will take time and slowly he will understand that there is no other way except to go to school and he will stop his adamant.
    Patience is the most important thing in such situations.

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  • Ha ha author has asked a very good question. Handling children is always a art. My best suggestion is leave him for sometime like that only when the child starts going to school they take time to get adjusted. Don't bother much about it, most of the children cry when their school life starts, i,e because all these days they will have seen you right from birth and think that this is my world. They will be unknown of school life. When they see all unknown faces they tend to cry. It will take some time for them to get adjusted for their school life. But as of now its better if one of the parent goes to drop him and pick him up from school. Children always find security from their parents. You must lie saying that I will be here till your school is left. Try to convince that's his second home where he has to gain knowledge for his future. You should show him other children and tell him that their his friends to play. This problem will not occur for second child because they see the elder one going to school. They will be anxiety to go to school. don't worry your son will set write with the school.

  • The child feels the school atmosphere as discomfoting with its discipline and need to comply and conform to norms. Til now it was having its own freedom in home.

    Usually children get adjusted after a few days in school.

    In case that does not happen with your child even after a couple of weeks, then you may have to try different strategies.
    The child's mother can accompany the child either in the morning or be present when the school leaves. She should then become familiar with mothers/ parents/guardians of your child's classmates who come there. She should then spend some time with the other parents along with the children. She should also make the child interact with other children and their parents.

    After a couple of days of becoming familiar you may take your child to the home of her classmates and also can invite them to your home.

    By this the child will become closer and comfortable with other children and classmates.
    You should gradually explain about school and how you all went to school. How school will be good and helpful, how classmates are friends etc. You may show her the old photos of your school days if any.
    You may take the child to other nearby schools and show her how the children are happy and engaged. You ma also take the child to the school celebrations and activities.

    The teachers also should take a helping stand and comforting behaviour.

    Slowly the child will start loving the school.

  • At the age of 3, it would be very difficult to understand the changed atmosphere and a common happening in every house. Apart from the suggestions given by our friends here, I recommend you to try this also. Better find a good companion for him in the school bus which would be of mutual help. Thus you can minimize his pressure to enter into the bus itself. Seek the support of the class teacher who is instrumental in motivating the kid. They have to start with the model of a play school, so that the kid gets tuned to the atmosphere. Have regular interaction with the kid about the school and teacher. Don't ignore the complaints and attend to them, if you feel genuine. If you think that they are silly and absurd, pretend to be acting upon. It would increase the kid's morale. Little gimmicks need to be played initially to make him regular to school.


  • This is very common problems among kid fro going to school in early days. Every human reacts when he face the sudden change. The atmosphere of the kid changes suddenly as he goes to school. In school he faces new faces, discipline and strictness this is a physiological effect. You and your wife both need to go with him to tackle the situation. Advice your kid that school is your home and try to engage him more with the school, teachers and other kids studies in his class. When your kid get attached with them he never cry while going to school. He enjoy in going to school. You should have to patient and need to worry. It takes some time for kid to adjust in the school atmosphere.

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