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    About a diet on typhoid,should I eat chocolates ?

    Recovering from typhoid? Wondering if you can eat chocolate? check out iths page for advice from experts.

    I have typhoid and was discharged from hospital 2 days ago. I have been treated since 5 days there. Now I am recovering from typhoid. can I eat chocolates, like Cadbury Silk, Bourneville?
    And if not any other chocolate type which will not make the typhoid reactive again.
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  • As such there is no diet restriction after typhoid cure but it is always advisable to take light and unfried food to bring the digestive system to normalcy.

    Foods like idli, boiled potatoes, soups, well cooked rice, water mixed milk, butter milk are some good options. Chocolates in limited quantity is admissible.

    There are many supplements like bournvita, complan, threptin biscuits etc which can be taken for supplementing the main diet.

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  • You should not take chocolates and other sweets for another 20 days minimum. You should eat easily digestible items only. You can take soft vegetable curries, rasam and buttermilk with rice. You can have idly, chapathi and biscuits.
    Very hot items you should not eat. No non vegetarian . No fried items and no cream biscuits.
    You can drink coffee,tea and other energy drinks like bournvita, complan or horlicks. Threptin biscuits are good for energy without any side effects.
    No oil items should be taken till you are completely cured.

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  • When you are sick with say typhoid or other viral fever it is recommended that you take organic food instead of processed. Chocolate being processed food, it may not be a good option for your body. Also try to avoid the junk food no matter how harmless it feels. Usually when you are sick you should consider eating something healthy. That should keep you in a proper diet. I have tried to follow this routine and so far that seems to be working for me. I also suggest avoiding caffeine drinks such as tea and coffee, as that could not be a good option. Instead try clear soup or vegetable soup. Many people find it healthy enough for their body.

  • Typhoid is a water-borne disease. A person, especially a child, recovering from this disease must take spice-less, light food. As chocolate is heavy, it is desirable to avoid chocolate for at least one month after the disease. All said and done, the recovering patient must take the advice of physician and strictly follow the diet-chart prepared by him/her.

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  • No during typhoid your diet should be very strict. It should not reactive again. You should always have boiled water and no oily foods or junk foods. Maintain the medical prescription carefully. You should take lot of rest. Where as your chocolates is concerned it is not good for normal person then how can it be good for patient who is suffering from typhoid. As per my suggestion please follow medical prescription as per your doctor's advice, take rest, eat rice ganji. Which helps to improve your taste buds.

  • If you have the yearning, then you have to satisfy the taste buds. You may take an occasional bite of chocolate or other thing that gives you taste and appetite.

    However in that you should not ignore the time tested home made foods. When you are recovering from illness,your system is still vulnerable. It needs some time and care to come back to normal state. It is suggested to have fresh, hygienic and warm home made foods without any extreme dose of spice, salt, oil etc .It is preferable to have the easily digestible grain and vegetables cooked foods which we usually make at home. The chocolates when taken more will reduce your appetite, but will not fill your stomach.That may result in constipation or indigestion.

    So have a chocolate now and then for taste , but not take it as your main food.

  • The digestion - system, too, is affected considerably in Typhoid and healing up the same takes considerable time and as such you are advised to take light meal containing less fat and oil in your food. Home made foods containing little oil and spice is preferable. You may take vegetable soup containing Beans, Radish, Tomato soup in order to strengthen your lever. Sometimes, Protinex may be taken with a little milk for the nourishment of the system.
    As far as Chocolate is concerned, it is a chemically processed items and hence its ingestion in a large quantity would cause additional strain on your level which is not desirable during the recuperating stage and as such you should avoid of its use for the time being. However, a little of it may be taken casually to satisfy your taste buds.

  • Typhoid is an ailment related to guts and after this fever is cured it is advisable to take light and digestive at least for a fortnight.

    Some food items suggested are curd, butter milk, soft puddings, meshed rice, daliya, soup, digestive biscuits, a small piece of choclate etc.

    Once the guts come to a normal stage then only try to take fried and hard foods.

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  • Chocolates have a high-fat content Patients recovering from typhoid or any disease for that matter are recommended a light, but nutritious diet.

    Since typhoid effects mainly, the liver, it is suggested that the diet during the recovery period is light and healthy, with minimal fat.

    Chocolates cannot be categorised as 'light' food. Chocolates contain loads of fat – from milk fats to hydrogenated fats and even butter. they are also rich in sugar and do not make a healthy choice for someone who is recuperating.

    These fats will hamper the healing of the liver and the recovery process. It is best that you wait until you have fully recovered before you indulge your taste buds.

    If you cannot resist the urge to have chocolate then have a small cup of chocolate milkshake. Make it at home, using low-fat milk and drinking chocolate.

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  • As you are recovered from typhoid from few days so my advice not to take chocolates, like Cadbury Silk, Bourneville atc for some days. Avoid spicy and heavy food for some days. Take light food which is easily to digest. Take Fruit juices,Coconut water, Glucose and vegetable soups from this you will recover easily.Adding Eggs and Cheese to gain proteins in your diet. Drink more and more water to prevent hydration.Drink more Milk to manage the heat gained from Medicines. Take fruits like Mausambi and Apples which helps to easily recover from typhoid.Take bananas which is an ideal food for the patients of typhoid as It satisfies hunger and thirst.

    Food to Avoid : Foods that are strictly to be avoided are butter, ghee, vegetable oil, chillies, spices and arich pastries, fried snacks, desserts, thick cream soups etc must be avoided.

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