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    Suffering from skin disease on hand in Saudi Arabia?

    Having a skin disease on hand? Searching for effective remedies to cure the same? Here, you can read the responses from experts and resolve your worries.

    When I visit to Saudi Arabia then I mostly face Skin disease on hand? What can be the reason for that? Disease type is like multiple itching spots on hand and it takes long time to become all right.
    If I am in India then the disease heals early by using Lobate GM cream.

    Can anyone suggest good cream for early relief. I know some local cream which mostly all family use but that is not much helpful.
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  • You have to use sun lotion and apply on the skin on various places you are having problem. Use dermadew soap only. Not other soaps. Try to use prickly heat powder more. By following this it will reduce but take some time and the time depends on your age also. If still you are having the problem, it is better to consult a dermatologist and use medicine under his direction.

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  • The problem may be triggered by the weather difference. For such issues the local doctors will be more suitable.
    However when you visit India next time, please visit a qualified and experienced Ayurvedic doctor or allopathic doctor and explain the problem to them.
    Ayurvedic doctor may suggest you the necessary changes in food habits according to seasonal weather. He may give you the necessary ointments, oils for external application and also the 'kashaya' or 'Kaadha' for internal consumption.
    The allopathic doctor may suggest you the necessary external applications and tabets or other medicines if needed.
    (Please be aware and ensure of any restrictions in taking such things with you in flights or to other countries)
    Pure coconut oil can be useful for skin problems.

    Consult experienced elders who are living in that country for many years how to avoid such problems. They may be able to tell yu preventive protection of skin when weather changes start.

  • There are some soaps like medimax and dermadew which give good relief to this itching problem. Cetophil cream also useful.

    Sometimes this is caused by occupational work like handling of certain chemicals and other irritating materials like cleaning chemicals.

    Skin expert or dermatologist generally prescribe a combination of oinments with certain medicines for this problem.

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  • Do not use gloves for a long time while working otherwise there may be itching induced in the hands. Use coconut oil time to time for keeping the hands moistened.
    There are some ointments like Zincort-GC or equivalent available for quick relief from skin infections.

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  • Skin -infection can be tackled successfully with certain diet changes such as inclusion of Raw - garlic and even Salad of Raw - onion along with your meal. However, you may get effective result with Garlic if you take two buds of the same twice a day preferably in empty stomach.
    The other way is to resort to Aloe- Vera Gel made from any reputed - firm and the same is to be applied on the affected parts twice a day. As far as possible, avoid spicy and oily foods till you are fully recovered.
    Blood - purification is the essential task for the elimination of skin - disorder and Curcumin found in Haldi is the best solution to get rid of the infection. You may add a pinch of turmeric - powder say roughly 2 GM of this powder in a slight hot meal and the same may be taken each night prior to retirement to bed. Turmeric is antifungal and antibacterial in nature and as such it is effective solution for skin - ailment.
    Increase intake of water say to the extent of 2.5 litre per day. Avoid its immediate use after your meal. Consume water after a minimum of half an hour of your meal. This will enable your lever to eliminate the toxins successfully thereby purifying your blood and in that way, you can tackle skin - infection.

  • As you visit to Saudi Arabia then I mostly face Skin disease on hand it will be due to allergy or due to whether changes.Disease type is like multiple itching spots on hand and it takes long time to become all right is all due to some allergy. You have suffering from allergy that causes from something in Saudi Arabia. Drink a lot of water and wash your hands before eating. Consult a skin doctor for this.

  • For Skin diseases, please try the following.

    (1) Using Lacto Calamine is a good solution for any type of skin issues and will give great relief.
    (2) As Saudi Arabia is know for its summers, it is better you apply sun cream lotions before stepping out as too much exposure to sun also can cause skin diseases.
    (3) Try using neem soaps and take shower with neem leaves dipped water. Neem is know to have many medicinal effects especially when it comes to skin.
    (4) It it is caused by any chemicals that you use as part of your work, try to use a strong and thick gloves and make sure to thoroughly wash your hands after use.
    (5) If nothing of the above works, please consult a dermatologist and take his opinion so he wall be able to give you a permanent cure.

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