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    Moving abroad while pursuing PhD in India?

    Have a query about research work carried out in PhD? Wondering if you can continue the research from another country? Find advice from experts here.

    I have recently applied for a regular PhD program in English at a University in Karnataka, but might have to move abroad due to unforeseen circumstances. Will I be able to continue with my research while staying overseas? The coursework hasn't started yet. Can you guide me?
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  • You are going abroad for long time to become a resident there or come back soon- this point is not clear in your query.

    Anyway if the university is allowing you to do it online and there are no practical sessions involved then I do not see any problem in this proposition.

    You have to find from them that if you are staying abroad for a long time and become a NRI then at the time of awarding the PhD they have to probably mention your status and then there should not be any problem to them on that administratively. This aspect you have to get from them cleared. Another thing is scholarship or stipend issue whether they can give it to a person staying abroad. What about the bank details where they will be remitting it. These are the things which may create unnecessary complications at later stage.

    If you get these things clarified from them you can continue your research. If it is a unprecedented case for them they will consult UGC or its rules and regulations for their institution (as different institution have different status) and tell you accordingly.

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  • I think it is not possible. Now there are some changes in the research rules. You have to attend some classes before you start your work and write an exam. Once you are qualified in that exam you can continue for Ph.D. Because you are a language pandit, you can try some university in the country where you are going and pursue your Doctorate there.
    If in Karnataka University, if you can manage with your guide, you can register for part time Ph.D program. Then you have to attend a very less number of days in the college. Afterwards you can work from your home and interact with your guide via mails. But you should come here and submit the thesis and face the viva for completing the task.
    Best is to try in the foreign country where now you are planning to move.

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  • Strictly as per rule, it is not possible for such researchers who are pursuing PhD on full-time basis. Such full-time researchers have to attend some classes and must have regular interaction with their research guides.

    However, I have seen many students pursuing PhD, visit abroad after taking due permission from their respective research guides. But that is for short period, duration of such foreign visit not exceeding a month or so.

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  • As you have said you have applied for a regular PhD program in English at a University in Karnataka and have to move abroad due to unforeseen circumstances. yes you will be able to continue with your research while staying overseas. As maximum universities have also tie up with the foreign universities. You can do research there but you have to submit your research work in India.

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