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    Can you suggest remedy : dot.doc files are not opening and goes to save mode

    Facing a problem with opening .doc files? Looking out for a feasible remedy to resolve the issue? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    I am having the archive of many dot documents folders which is used now and then by me and since yesterday I am not able to retrieve the data. It either saves the documents when clicked to open or are not visible at all.
    For example I want to read the invoice sent to the ISC by clicking the link , instead of opening, it saves it. What may be wrong with my system? Can anyone help me out to solve this problem? Since all my data is not opening and my work is held up. Can you share advice about how to retrieve in tutorial way?
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  • You need MS Word in MS office. Install MS Office 2003 or 2007 in your computer. Then try to open the file.If it doesn't open then right click on the file and then select option Open with. Then select Microsoft Office word option in Recommended programs or in Other programs then click ok. Now open the file your file will be opened.

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