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    Can I join Engineering after ITI?

    Aspiring to study engineering after ITI? Wondering if it is possible to do so? Here, on this page you can find career related advice which can help you to plan your engineering career.

    I finished ITI Trade Plumber and I am in my ACT Apprentice. Can I join engineering now? I am a little confused with engineering? Can any one help me to choose a suitable degree?
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  • If you have completed your ITI course with 'A' grade or equivalent, you are eligible for lateral entry in the second year of the Diploma course of relevant branch of Engineering. These Diploma courses in Engineering are being conducted by the Polytechnic colleges in every state. The lateral entry in the second year of Diploma courses of Engineering is based upon entrance examination or merit (varies from state to state).

    You can't take admission in B.E/B.Tech courses based upon your ITI qualification.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • You can get admission as a lateral in a Diploma trade of your choice.
    After completing your diploma in a specific department you can again join as an Engineering lateral in the second year of B.Tech or BE.
    By this your aspiration of being an engineer can be fulfilled. This is the best course of action you can take to become an engineer.
    • Please study well and take admission in a good college so that you have a bright career in future by getting an excellent placement.

  • You can join Diploma engineering courses only. You can join as a lateral for the 3 years diploma course. As you have finished your ITI as Trade Plumber, I believe you can opt for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Since you will join as a lateral, you will be joining directly in 2nd year of this course and will need to spend 2 years to complete this Diploma(instead of regular 3 years). Please note ITI students are not eligible to get admission to Bachelor Engineering course directly.

    If you have aspirations to pursue Bachelor's degree after Diploma course, you can go ahead and join Mechanical Engineering degree course as a lateral again. You will have to spend 3 years(instead of regular 4 years) to complete this degree course. The bachelor's degree will open up more opportunities for you in public sector companies or other core companies. You can also appear in National level Engineering exams like Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering(GATE) and other competitive exams.


  • You are telling that you are confused. It may be because you have little knowledge about engineering and someone advised you to get an engineering degree because engineers have better job scope. Are you genuinely interested in engineering? Do you want to continue your higher study in the same trade and branch you have finished your ITI. Do you see no major future scope in the trade of your ITI and want to switch to something where you can have lots of option to choose. For whatever reason you are willing to join an engineering course, the important thing is that you must be genuinely interested other wise you will end up wasting your time and money.

    If you want to opt for engineering course then you can go for Diploma courses which are offered by state level polytechnic colleges. You will get direct admission in second year and you will have to spend another 2 year and you can walk away with a diploma degree. After completing your diploma course you can apply for the post of junior engineer in various government and private organizations.

    You can also complete a four year B.E/B.Tech course from some affiliated college. B.Tech degree provides you more job opportunity and promise a better future scope than ITI and diploma. If you are confuse about the branch then you can take help of some counselor or you can take the help and suggestion of your teachers and engineers in your locality.
    All the best.

  • Yes you can do engineering after completing the ITI. After completing your ITI you are now eligible to have a lateral entry in Diploma of engineering Program ( 3 Years ) but due to lateral entry and ITI you will do diploma in 2 years .After Diploma now you are eligible to get admission in IITs through JEE Advanced, Engineering colleges.You can get Lateral Entry in BTech Engineering course in most of the engineering Colleges directly in 2nd year. Diploma is equivalent to 12th class and after getting diploma you get directly admission in 2nd year B.Tech course. Your engineering course is of 3 years.Normal BTech is of 4 years , but due to Lateral Entry you will get it completed in 3 years .After your Diploma you can also apply for AMIE membership in THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS (INDIA) which is like a corresspondence BTech .

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