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    Query about user login screen before opening AXAPTA ERP?

    Are you working on AXAPTA? Wondering how to provide a user log in screen without opening the ERP? You can read the answers from experts here and then decide how to get the user log in screen.

    My need is:
    In AXAPTA user wants login screen before opening AXAPTA ERP. For example: if user is opening Dynamics AXAPTA 2012 then first it will ask for user id and password. If it is correct then the user will be able to proceed with the work.

    Can you share the tips to do this in AX? It is easy in dotnet but not in AXAPTA ERP.
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  • Dynamics AX is designed to authenticate based on the Active Directory login. To open the AX you need login id and password.Without login you are not able to login the screen.

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    [[ wiki]]
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