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    How to earn through youtube videos ?

    Have a query about earning revenue from youtube? Searching for the approaches to do so? Check out this page for advice from experts and resolve your doubts.

    I want to start a youtube channel which will be an education related channel. I know that after monetising the videos ads will appear on videos and youtube pay for that but I want to earn only by views, no ads nothing.
    Is it possible ? Does youtube pay only for views? Or to earn is it compulsory to make ads appear on your videos?
    Need expert advice from Youtubers.
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  • Create original educational content either through explainer videos or through explanation. So say like you want to teach some concept and then make video of that. Make sure you can upload the videos in higher resolution. You need to get 10K views for entire channel, including all videos before the monetization. After the monetization you can use the google ads into it. If you don't have the google adsense as of yet, you can apply for it after reaching 10K. And in case if you have adsense account then you can connect that account.

    Youtube has both pageview based or the click based ads. So the earning is according to the views+clicks and the other factors. Unless ads appear on videos, you don't earn any money from YouTube. It's same as the adsense ads.

  • You can earn through Youtube through Google adsense. First of all you have a create a youtube channel and upload original content videos. Because copyright content is banned in youtube and your google adsense account be deleted so my suggestion to upload only original content videos.Connect your google adsense account with your youtube account.If you don't have google adsense account then you can also apply google adsense account from youtube for that upload minimum 5 original videos and 10,000 views needed.After filling these conditions you can apply for google adsense after approving google adsense account it will be automatically added with your account. You will get paid for page views and for clicks as per as Google adsense terms and conditions

  • The payment in youtube is based on the model of google advertizing and until unless that is enabled revenue incoming will not start.

    Youtube is a place where one can create a channel and if the educational material is original and good quality the channel can be popular in short time.

    The students using youtube videos for learning prefer those videos which are slow but extremely clear in their explainations. You must explain the thing to grass root level assuming that the viewer does not know anything about that. This is a very important point for educational videos. Once they find that videos in your channel are having clarity of presentation and material in its original form they will visit again and again.

    Knowledge is power.

  • If you want to earn from Youtube then you will have to upload good quality and original videos. Now you want to know that if you could earn from youtube without displaying ads on your videos then the answer is no. Youtube pays you not for views but for the ads that are displayed on a video. Like GoogleAdsene pay you for displaying ads on your article, website and blog in the same way Youtube pays for displaying ads on your videos.
    There are also other ways to earn from Youtube. Affiliate marketing is another way of earning good bucks from your Youtube channels. Many Youtubbers are earning millions every month through their affiliate links. You would have seen links to buy something or redirecting you to some external website in the description of the video. Once you click on the link and make a purchase, the channel owner will get some commission from the site from where you made purchase.
    You want to make an educational Youtube channel to earn money then you will have to monetize your videos and displaying ads is the only way to monetize any video on Youtube. However, if you don't want to put ads in your videos then you should go for affiliate marketing and promote some books and other educational stuffs and earn some decent money but if you want to make it count and significant then you will have to display ads on your videos. You have no other option besides it.
    Hope it will be helpful
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  • The latest 2018 YouTube update says that:

    You cannot monetize a your channel if you have less than 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours.

    Making great content especially tutorials videos, animations, life hacks are more popular these days. Create a content that isn't already available on YouTube to attract subscribers quickly.

    Early monetization badly effects your channel because when you have less viewers and subscribers, the ads will annoy them and you might start to lose some subscribers.

    Building an influence comes first before monetization. YouTube only pays for watching advertisements. If your channel is monetized, then your viewers will most likely to watch the video and ads will be displayed. The minimum advertisement display time is 3 seconds and maximum 10 seconds. The more the views on your videos and watch the ads, the more you earn and if somebody clicks on the ad, then you'll be rewarded handsomely. This simply means $1 to 10 depending upon the region.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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