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    Regarding document verification

    Worried about spelling mistake in certificates? Want to resolve this issue? Here, on this page you can read advice and suggestions from experts and decide how to resolve this issue.

    My caste certificate and adhar card have name spelling mistake written in Hindi but it is having same spelling written in English, Will any problem arise during document verification?
    The last thing is that spelling in English is same as 10 Board Certificate.
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  • yes it will cause problem in case of document verification. You can change the spelling in caste certificate and aadhar card by giving the application and relevant documents as a proof with the correct spelling details.In case of private jobs Hindi Spelling are no so important but in government job it will cause a problem during document verification. So my suggestion is to correct the spelling by legal process.You can also give self declaration affidavit that your name in Hindi are wrong and the correct spelling is that. I am responsible if something wrong happens.

    Ankit Garg

  • It is advisable to get it changed and corrected as per the correct spelling in earlier document.

    You have to apply in the office of tahsildar or cocerned SDM in your area/town/city for correction in caste certificate. Please take all the relevant documents like earlier certificates or driving license or voter card in confirmation of the correct name. Remember in such cases more is merrier.

    For Aadhar card you have to visit the nearest Aadhar center and with the help of other confirming documents as cited above you can get it corrected.

    Knowledge is power.

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