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    Best tax consultants for filing tax returns

    Interested in filing tax returns? Searching for the best tax consultants and the types of services they offer? Here, you can read the responses from experts and resolve your query.

    I would like to know what are the best tax consultants available for filing tax returns. I would also like to understand how much fee they charge, list of services they offer and the quality of services. In short, a review of these best tax consultants would be better to choose one. Also, I want to know their presence in various regions and their online availability.
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  • Most of the tax consultants charge you on the basis of the ITR return type. For example business and self employed are charged more than the salaried people. If you are using the online tools then you can self file if you are salaried person. You can use tools from cleartax and others for self filing. In case of the self employed and business they can make use of the sites such as "H&R block" and "ClearTax". And just submit the details of your business and they can take things further and file tax for you. And you just have to pay the fees and the chalan for the tax. Do understand that most of the corporate tax consultants charge more for the filing. And depending on how much time taken you may have to file the tax accordingly.

  • The tax consultants charge on the basis of the Income tax return type like whether your ITR is ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4, ITR-5, ITR-6 and ITR-7.Like ITR-1 is for an individual whose total income for the assessment year 2017-18 includes:- income from salary and property.You have to need following things for filling income tax return
    Form 16 – Issued by the employer
    Form 16A – Issued by bank wherever applicable
    Form 26AS
    Home loan or HRA receipts
    Documents of investments for tax savings

    You can also fill online income tax return online on income tax website free of cost. The online filling income tax process is simple. If you want online help you can use taxplanner or cleartax website. For offline you can take help of charted accountant that helps you to file your income tax return for that it will charge you service fee.

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