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    How study distance MBA if we have no job

    Planning to study distance MBA? Wondering whether you can study without a job? On this page, you can read the responses from experts and resolve your queries.

    I have recently joined MBA program Distance from Bharatiar University. First year exam will be held in December this year. How do I study for each subject? I have total 9 subjects. I am not working now, I have resigned from the job. Hence I have ample time? Can you guide me regarding how I start my studies? I got books this week.
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  • In distance education one has to put a lot of efforts because there is no real time class room.
    What I will advise is to read basic management books separately as well as the course material sent by them and prepare your notes accordingly. After preparing your notes you find out some questions from question banks in educational sites including ISC and then try to write answers to those questions based on your notes.
    In this way you will get a neck on writing and expressing things in a clear way.
    I do not understand the rationale behind quitting a job. These courses are basically taken up by people who are in job.
    Even a job which is not asking for long hours will be adequate. Anyway this is individuals choice.
    I again remind that studying seriously is a difficult proposition for many people and until unless you have a firm determination and ficussed approach things may not turn out to your expectations.
    Best of luck.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You have not indicated the stream with which you would like to persue your management - course. MBA comprises of different streams such as Human - resources, Computer- management, Finance, Hospitality - management etc. Each stream would reqire different set of skills.
    However, you are advised to go through the materials provided by the university in the stream you have opted for. In case, any doubt crops up relating to your subject, you may contact doubt - removal session organised by the university and your doubt can be resolved.
    In the event of getting a job of your choice, you can join the same and you can continue your distance - education course without any dislocation. In that way, you can mitigate your financial burden.

  • As a student of MBA, you might have had some understanding about various subjects and chapters you have to cover. As you have plenty of time, make a time table and follow the same. You spend some early morning hours for studying subjects which you feel are difficult for you. At that time your mind will be fresh and you can absorb subject very fast. Don't go to the next chapter before completing the first chapter. During morning hours take up easy subjects. Take rest for some time after lunch and start with reading. Evening and night sessions you can take up question and answers session. If you can at least spend 12hours on studies. Then I feel you will come out successfully from the college with MBA degree.
    Simply reading is of know use. Get some old papers and try to answer them. Go for some cade studies and also have good reference books and refer them in case of any doubts.
    All the best to you.

    always confident

  • Request you to utilize the ample time you have right now. You can continue you study by following the following points:-
    1) You don't have to study the whole day but study should be qualitative.
    2) Make a time table denoting equal time to all the subjects.
    3) You motivate should not be learning things but understanding it.
    4) It you are stuck up with a problem you have ample sources such as YouTube where you can get lectures from eminent professors of reputed colleges.
    5) If you find difficulty understand in the book given .You can buy book from market of the same subject which explains the subject in easy language. Always listening lectures is good.
    6) It is only hardwork and perseverance that pays .so keep you tempo high.

    Apart from doing your Distance MBA I would suggest you to search a job too. This would also add to your profile when you join a job thereafter. Because experience counts.

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