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    What is the possibility to make cricket career at 29

    Aspiring to become a cricketer? Wondering if it is possible at the age of 29 years? Read the responses from experts and choose how to plan your future career path.

    I am working in an IT company. My age is 29 and I want to be cricketer since I am passionate about it. I am playing cricket from childhood but could not continue to grow. Now I am playing in local academy in Bangalore. Can I join KIOC cricket coaching and make a career in it? aAn I make it as a profession ?
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  • If you have interest in cricket and have a strong aptitude for it you can try to join any cricket academy or coaching center to sharpen your game.
    Another thing is continue playing in local teams and if you get oppotunity try to get chance in teams of big clubs or organisations.
    That is the place where you can come in contact with people having access to bigger clubs or syndicates.
    There is lot of competition in this area and opportunities are limited but with zeal and passion nothing is impossible.
    Good luck.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • If one has a real interest and aptitude for a game he has to work hard and take up this challenge with determination.

    It is seen in history that people having a passion for something will do anything to achieve it and pursue it vigourously.

    Even at an age of 29 it is not an impossible task. Only thing is you have to join a club or coaching institute for learning the tricks of the trade and once you are in that environment try to grab the opportunity of playing with a good team so that people can see your good play and may be give you a better chance somewhere else.

    Our national level players have come through more and less same ways. So try hard with zeal and firm commitment and success will be with you.
    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Ok.. I am playing with local club now.I have checked with one of the best club in bangalore , there one person is telling you can join will give you tournaments to play and another will tell what you wil do by joining now and I have an opportunity to go to USA in next what would be better option i am confused.please provide your thoughts.

  • At the age of 29 if you start playing in the club,
    ,you will have maximum 10 years duration to play. You have to learn and display your talent for getting into national team. So a lot of hard work against time is required. But as a hobby learning and playing for different clubs is ok. But how have to try hard for that also. Start immediate ang try hard wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • It is possible to make the career in cricket even after 29. There are many players who are playing cricket in their 30s and 40s in county and other sports. As you can see as long as you have some stamina, you can continue. There are some of the cases where some bowlers continue to be in cricket even in middle and old age. In such case short format of the cricket would be more reasonable say ODI and T20. The reason being test cricket requires more physical stamina. So depending on your physical stamina, it'd be reasonable to choose the format and then play in it accordingly.

  • Ok thanks for your answers.So is it possible to make it to team india at this stage if I play with dedication and hard work.will there not be any politics.

  • As i have heard money and influence is needed to make it to the higher level in cricket.Is it so?

  • There is no age limit for learning and if you are really passionate about anything then your chances of success are already fulfilled by 99 percent. Rest 1 percent will depend on your hard work. As you told that you are also working in an IT company, I would suggest you to keep going with your job at the same time. You are 29 year old and you know most of the international cricketer retire by the age of 38 or 39 because fitness is very important for any sport. You have not even played in state team or in any major tournament. There are many out there who are struggling at state level and even higher level like under-19 or under-18. Getting a place in Indian cricket team is not that easy. But if you are strong enough and determined to play cricket then you must go for it. But before that make a promise to yourself that you will never give up on any one. You will keep playing even you see no hope in future. You should focus on playing good cricket rather than focusing on making a place in Indian cricket team. We know that politics is in each and every department in our country but if you are really talented then first try to make it to any IPL team because we have seen many players coming out of the IPL and making their place in Indian cricket team. So, once again I repeat focus on your work and least worry about the result.

    Wish you all the best.

    With regards

  • Thanks for the update I am really passionate about cricket. But as far as my job is concerned I need to travel to chicago next month. So dont know whether to go chicago or go to cricket and make it as profession. please suggest on this.

  • As you are now at the age of 29 it is possible at the age of 29 years to make a career in cricket.As you are passionate about it.It is very good that you are focusing on the cricket and playing in local academy in Bangalore.But at the age of 29 you have to mainly concentrate about your fitness and practice.You can make a good career in cricket even in this age.Concentrate on your fitness and stamina.Focus on your game not worry about your.You will definitely play for National team just believe in yourself and focus on your game.

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