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    How are western and classical music different in Notations

    Are you interested in learning more about music? Want to know the difference between western and classical music notations? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can find answers to your question.

    How western and classical music are different in Notations. Like in Western music lot of notes: minor note and major note with chords but I do not have idea about classical music notes.

    Some people can learn music without learning notes from teacher that is GOD gift. How they able to do it?
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  • Indian classical music is having more connection towards nature and spirituality. It gives more importance to melody. The music is created by using different notes in a sequence. There is lot of scope for improvisation of the music by changing the sequence of these notes. A singer can change the sequence of notes while singing and can improvise the melody. There are different ragas. Using these ragas different melodies can be made.
    In Western music different notes are played together instead of playing in a sequence. Harmony is more important here. Western music have no connections towards spirituality or nature. Here there is no scope for the singer to change the notes and improvise the music. It is not allowed in this music.

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  • musical notation is a system which is used to visually represent music played with the instruments or sung by the voice by the use of written, printed, or otherwise-produced symbols.Western music has sections in compositions similar to Pallavi, Anupallavi, Charanam, Chittaswarams (Mukhda, Antara, Sthayi, Taan or Jhaala) called Intro, Verse, Bridge, Interlude and Chorus.

  • The first thing we must know is that in the western music also there is classical music. We often get confuse that classical music means only Indian classical. Of course the western classical music is totally different from Indian Classical music. However, the musical notes in western classical music are the same which normally used for western music.

    While in Indian classical music we use SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA, NI, wherein In western music we use DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI. The scale is the same in both western and Indian Music, only the written notes are different.

    In western music one has to learn 'Staff' notes. The staff is 5 parallel lines in which musical notes are to be written. Here there are "Treble clef" and "Bass Clef" in which the notes are to write as "whole note", "half note or "quarter note" etc. The notes are written as per the timing or say beats.

    Indian music notes are written in same pattern, we write Sa, Re, Ga..... with indicating on note like "Teevra", "Komal" or "Suddha". Like if we say natural note in western music, we will say "Suddha" note in Indian classical music. If we say "Flat" or"sharp note" in Western Music, we will say "Komal" or "Teevra" in Indian classical music.

    It is just not enough to describe in writing unless you see the notes physically. So, I would advise you to get the Indian and western note and try to understand the differences.

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