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    Query about 16 mm kidney stone on left side

    Have a query about kidney stone? Searching for detailed remedies without any surgery? On this page you can find advice from experts and resolve your queries.

    There is 16mm stone in my left kidney and 3 mm in right. The doctor told me that it can be
    So is there any other way to remove this? Can you suggest? Right now I am taking lemon juice in morning and taking Systone tablets & Neeri syrup.
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  • There is a chemical treatment for stones in kidney.
    Laproscopic treatment is also there. The best method is to go for homeopathy. Very good medicines are available. You can contact a good homeopathy doctor.

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  • For small stones generally measures like drinking more water will make it pass into urine but for bigger ones like yours a procedure known as lithotripsy is carried out by the doctors.

    In this procedure the shock waves are generated with a sound source and targeted on the kidney area where stone is there. With these vibrations the stone is broken in smaller pieces and these small pieces will pass out in the urine. Generally this is successful.

    If the above method fails doctor can resort to operative method in which a fine tube with tools and light is inserted through urethra and after reaching the stone location the stone is cut in pieces. This procedure requires that patient is to be admitted in hospital for 2-3 days.

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  • That size definitely deserves professional attention. If this were to be 2mm in size, it'd be possible to dissolve. But at this size it's better to go for operation or some other professional advice. Because at that size you'd have lot of pain. And also mood swings, headache, pains from left knee upto belly. And those pains are unbearable far more painful than the pregnancy pains. Because these are unending pains till the stone passes out from the bladder. So the only option here is to approach the doctor. The size of the stone can show you that this is not even worth discussing in the forums or blog or any online source. This size requires attention and the proper medical opinion. In future when you get stone formation, stick with your diet. Also find out which type of kidney stone this is based on that you can adjust the diet.

  • As per as your query you have 16 mm kidney stone on left side. The size of stone is very much so my advice to take laser operation. As the size is too much. There are some treatments like Systone tablets, Neeri syrup, drinking beer etc. But when the 16mm stone breaks it causes a lot of pain. As all the pieces go out from the body through urine it will be a large pain for many days. These treatments are for max 10mm stone. So my advice is to operate.

  • In earlier days, the kidney stone was removed by operation. But nowadays many more modern techniques are available. Ultra sound and laproscopy are two less painful techniques to remove kidney stones. If you have faith in homeopathy, effective treatment is said to be available.

    I personally feel that keeping in view the size of the stone, laproscopy would be most prudent option. But, the opinion of the physician is supreme in such cases.

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  • I have one 4mm stone in my right Kidney. I preferred to go for Homeopathy treatment and it's really very effective. 3mm stone that you have mentioned should be fine with medication. My father also had kidney stone treatment for which he had taken allopathy treatment but it caused him so much harm than good.

    But for 16mm it's better to get it operated rather than taking medication. Get professional advice to get it removed as soon as possible.

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