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    Phd while working in a software company

    Aspiring to study PhD while working? Looking out for details like whether it is possible and how to find a guide in Machine Learning? Check out this page for responses to yuor query.

    I am working as a Software Engineer in IT Company. I am M.Tech in CSE and want to pursue PhD in the Machine Learning. I want to ask:
    How I can do PhD without leaving my job?
    How do I connect with guides interested in the same area of interest (Machine Learning)?
    Does the experience in corporate serve some advantage while doing my PhD?
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  • 1. You can do PHD from some universities who allow you to do PHD without leaving jobs. There are some university rules depending on department. So see which ones apply for you. You may have to check around every university rule for the PHD, especially if you can find the specific mentor in this area.
    2. You have to look around nearby universities and see which university may be interested in you.
    3. I do think some company experience may benefit you for PHD. It depends on your existing work and the PHD subject approved.

    Hope this helps getting started to look around for PHD.

  • While working in a particular company, you want to do Doctorate. There are two ways.
    Part time Ph.D. you contact any university in your city where the specialisation is there. Select a good guide from that University . Register for Ph.D and start doing work as per the time availability .
    Second way is register your company with any university and get affiliation .Select somebody as internal guide from your Organisation and somebody from university as external guide and start working from your organisation

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  • There are many institutes which provide part time PhD. They have their own entrance test and procedure for taking the person for it. Many IITs also provide it. One has to contact the institute and find out the procedure and other formalities required.

    As your area in which you want to do PhD is related to pure science and engineering side you try to pursue it in some engineering institution only.

    Please note that some universities may be offering distance learning PhD also but that is not valid as per UGC regulations.

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  • There are some institution from which one can do PhD while in job. Only thing is these are mainly for art, humanities and social sciences. You have to find out if any exists for science and engineering.
    There may be a entrance test also before they register you for PhD.

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  • Yes, PhD can be pursued while working. It will not be an issue for you but you may need to take 'No objection Certificate' from your employer fro the same.
    Regarding enrollment, there are many institutes offering PhD course for professionals and you need to spend some time to search for suitable options on internet. You can also contact your college mates, if any of them have done PhD or having any idea for the same. This will definitely save your time.
    Most of the research labs give details of their ongoing projects and research works on their web sites. You can search and then contact the particular scientist of your interest and can share your willingness of pursuing PhD.
    Another way to register for PhD is to leave your current job and join any academic institute for teaching. This will allow you to earn while doing PhD and since both the institutes are same, you will be able to give more time for your PhD related research work. And this will also fulfill your wish of doing PhD while working.


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  • As you are working as a Software Engineer in IT Company. I am M.Tech in CSE and want to pursue PhD in the Machine Learning. Yes you can do PhD without leaving job.Yes the experience in corporate provides a huge advantage while doing PhD. As your subjects is same. You have all practical knowledge and you can do practical in your job also.But you cann't do regular PH.D you have to do Phd part time.You have to show your job and need NOC(No objection certificate) while doing PHd.

  • My answers are as under:-
    (a) As a working person, you have to take permission from your office before pursuing PhD. Thereafter, you have to search universities from where you can pursue PhD on part-time basis.
    (b) First you have to identify the university. Thereafter, you have to contact individual faculty member of that university and convince him/her to be your guide. Sometime top level members of the industry can also act as guide. For this special permission of the university is required.
    (c) It depends upon the topic chosen for PhD thesis. If the topic chosen for the thesis is same/similar to your area of work, your experience will definitely help you during development of the thesis and defencdng the same at the last stage.

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