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    What does my planet position mean?

    Have a query about the planet positions? Want to understand what it means? Here, on this page you can read responses from experts and resolve your query.

    My current planet position is Venus in Sagittarius in 5th house and my next Dasha is sun in Scorpion in 4th house. Can someone explain me what these two dashas mean? Is it bad or good for me? If it is bad then is there any remedy?
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  • At the time of individual',s birth, the various planets, ( 9 grahas) will be in various positions of the chart. The astrologists calculate the Lagna. Basing on their positions predictions are made by the Pandit. Yearly telugu panchangam will have the charts. Lagna is to be calculated.

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  • Astrology is a very very vast subject and the interpretation of grahas and their positions differs from one expert to another though there are some common predictions and statements.

    The horoscope of a person is prepared as per the time of his birth and the position of grahas in various constellations. This branch of knowledge was based and derived from the apparent motion of grahas in the sky. Some people studied the night sky and the changing position of grahas against the fixed canvass of star constellations. They then linked this position to the fate of a person and failures and success coming in his life. It is very complicated and subjective knowledge base and interestingly the predictions of western astrology are strikingly different than our mythology.

    The specific question asked by you can be answered by some renowned astrologist but I wanted to explain it's genesis so that we can understand the methodology in a logical way and asses the answers of our problems.

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  • This is for academic interest only. It need not be taken as any professional advice. In case you are interested to get professional advice you may consult a professional experienced astrologer.
    If you have the 'natal horoscope chart' made on you, then the planet notations on those chart will indicate the position of those planets position at the time of your birth, The effects of each planet can be told in specific connection to your horoscope chart only by seeing the relativity and in relativity to the 'Lagna" or 'The ascendant'.
    Apart from that there are 'transits' effects of planets which will be dynamic and short term effects. The effects of these transitions also will be influenced with respect to the positions at birth .
    Generally Surya Dasha is not bad and it will bring good effects. The person may 'shine' in certain fields especially in social or public involvement field. The positive effects will be more if the transit position as well as the original natal chart position are also beneficial. However depending on many other relativities in the natal chart, there can be some negative effects or extra benefits on personal life and psychology. Whether good or bad, praying and worshipping of the Planet God and chanting the relevant Nava Graha sloka or mantra can bring beneficial effect or reduce the bad effects. If you are a practitioner of Surya Gayatri, then chanting that with devotion and chanting the Aadityahridaya sloka with devotion can bring beneficial effects.
    Visiting and praying at Nava Griha kshetras(temples where the nine planets are consecrated) will be beneficial in any Dasha and as a routine.

  • If you have faith in Astrology every graha in every place has a meaning and good or bad effect. If you consult a good priest he will tell you which one is goof or bad and will tell a remedy also in form of some Puja. You may have to spend some money for Puja as per your capacity.
    Now this is an area totally based on faith and belief. There is no scientific explanation so far. There are certain explanations and meanings already established in our religion and mythology regarding these things and priest will tell you the same. After that it is your option to go for relief from graha bad effect. There is no compulsion in our religion. If you believe you follow it.

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  • 1. Venus in the 5th house shows the moral path and the character aspects of the person. Here one is supposed to have the need to control it's position.
    2. Sun in 4th house, shows how the person's ancestral benefits may benefit or may not benefit.

    It's hard to speculate on these two positions just based on those position. From what I have seen the Kundali system requires the position of all the other planets to be known to show the effect applies. In that context, you can see that it's hard to speculate how it may affect your life.

  • Astrology deals with ten planets the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.The astrologists calculate Lagna based on the positions of the planets. On the position of the planets the predictions and statements is calculated.Venus in astrology is associated with love, beauty, well-being and gentleness. The sun sign characteristic is of emotive, secondary & activeness

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