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    Admission related question: most urgent

    Are you having a query about admission to BSc course? Looking out for how to calculate the average best marks? Find advice from experts here.

    I am the student of West Bengal Board. Now, I want to take the admission in B.Sc with Physics Hons. They have asked what is my total percentage of best 4 subjects.

    If I get 75 in Bengali, 78 in English 81 in Physics, 76 in Chemistry,78 in Math and 80 in Biology( optional elective). All the subjects are out of 100. Now I like to know what will be the percentage of best 4 subjects?
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  • Don,'t count your marks in two languages. The remaining 4 subjects total is ,81+76+78 +80 =316÷4=79. So you have to say that your average score of best 4 Subjects=79

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  • The best of four method is calculated in following way -
    1. Select one language where marks are maximum.
    2. Select two academic or elective subjects having more marks.
    3. Select the subject in which you want to get admission.

    Add the above and take average.

    Now in your case the total comes to 78+81+78+80=317
    and average is 317/4=79.25

    So your score is 79.25

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  • If we talk about best 4 subjects, it means the main subjects in your academics. In your case it is the last four, that is Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. So counting your marks in these 4 subjects will be 316, On dividing this total with number of subjects, that is 4 in this case, you will get 79 exactly. So, this will be your average in main/best 4 subjects. You can also mention the name of these subjects in the admission process form if you provision to do that.


  • Counting the marks of your best 4 subjects also includes the marks of your optional subject. During the form filling you can write the name of the four subjects in which you have got more marks and you can also write the name of your optional subject and the marks for the same will be counted as rest of other subject. In your case you should take the marks of physics, chemistry, maths and biology because your total marks in these four subjects counts 316 and the average is 79.
    Since you are applying for Physics Hons. you may get some preference on the basis of marks obtained in Physics and also the your best 4 subjects are purely science stream subjects and again you are applying for science stream.So, definitely you will get some preference here also and you can easily make it to the final list of admission.
    Hope this will help you.

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  • You can give the four subjects where your marks are more for this 4 subject average score but you can not give more than 1 language subject and also the subject in which you want admission is mandatory to be given.
    Under these boundary lines best combination for you is - English, Physics, Maths and Biology and the average score is (78+81+78+80)/4=79.25
    That is the maximum out of all combinations.

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  • During our time (Yes, I also did my X+II from West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education) every subject was of 200 marks. At that time, the aggregate used to be calculated by deducting 80 marks from the Optional Elective subject (in my case, it was Biology).

    However, now the system has been changed in West Bengal. In your case, the marks of English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will be taken into account. The marks obtained by you in Bengali and Biology will have to be excluded. So, your aggregate in four subjects (for admission in Physics Hons.) would be as under:-
    English: 78
    Physics: 81
    Chemistry: 76
    Total: 313 (78.25%)
    Please note that your marks in Biology will not be included for admission in B.Sc. (Physics).

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  • You want admission in B.Sc course with physics hons. You got 75 in Bengali, 78 in English 81 in Physics, 76 in Chemistry,78 in Math and 80 in Biology out of 100.

    Your 4 best marks are in 81 in Physics, 80 in Biology, 78 in Mathematics and 78 in English.

    Average = Total of 4 subjects/4
    = 81+80+78+78/4
    = 79.25

    Your average score is 79.25

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