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    Regarding name and date of birth changes

    Having dissimilarity in names and DoB in school certificates? Looking out for how to resolve this issue in case of document verification? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    My name and DoB is differing in my primary and secondary school documents.
    Now i require my certificates for document verification from primary and high school. But they will give with different names and DoB. Can you provide some solution for this?
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  • When did you pass your secondary school exam. If there is a mistake in your certificate why did you not taken corrective action at that time itself. As the time passes it will be very difficult for getting the changes done.
    Immediately you approach the school head master of the school where you studied. Tell him the problems. You have to get your birth certificate in which your name, your date of birth certificate and your parents names were mentioned. Original birth certificate you have to show it to him and a copy of the certificated attested should be submitted as an enclosure to your hand written application. Submit the application to Headmaster. If he wants further any details you have to submit those details along with copies. He may do the needful. He may also advise you to apply separately. Go as per his suggestion.
    Please keep in mind if any difference are there in the certificates, they should get corrected immediately.

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  • This is an important matter and you have to approach your college or board for rectification of the mistake in your secondary school certificates/ marksheets.
    What you have to do is give an application for correcting the name and DOB in your school certificate/marksheet and return the incorrect document to them. You will have to give the copy of high school certificate and may be also your Aadhar card or voter card copy to prove your credential.
    It will take time but you insist on to get the corrected copy from them.

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  • As far as I know, the difference in name in different certificates can be rectifieed by signing an affidavit before a First-class Magistrate. The difference in name must also be declared to public by classified advertisement in one English newspaper and in another vernacular newspaper. The copy of the original affidavit and the advertisements are required to be permanently preserved.

    So far as date of birth is concerned, it would be more complex. However, the incorrect date of birth can be rectified by submitting the birth certificate received from the competent civic authority.

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  • Let me know what is your correct name and also your date of birth. I want to know which type of mistakes had been made in your certificate. Also provide your passing years of high school and higher secondary school. After that I would be able to guide you properly. Please also mention your boards of high school and higher secondary school.

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