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    Regarding name and date of birth(dob) changes

    Have a query about name mismatch in certificates? Worried about how to tackle document verification? Find advice from experts here.

    My name is ABCD and DOB is XX/YY/ZZZZ. Above name and DOB are in my SSLC PUC degree certificates. But when I passed out to high school from primary, in only primary my name and DOB are changed as EFGH and PP/QQ/RRRR by court Dekri. I came to know this now only. Now I am appointed to some govt. job so I require my rural and Kannada medium certificates.
    In primary school they will give me certificates with name and dob as EFGH and PP/QQ/RRRR.
    In high school they will give certificates with name ABCD and dob XX/YY/ZZZZ.
    And my documents verification is after 10 days.
    What should I do to succeed in my verification?
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  • When you have joined in high school you have to submit your primary school certificate for admission. They write your name and date of birth in their records as per your primary school certificate only. If there is a difference how it is possible you have not noticed this for so many years. I don't know why people are so careless in these aspects. No there is no way you avoid the problem you have to face it.
    Only one way is go to the school where you studied your primary classes. Request him to give a certificate as per your other certificates. Try to influence him. They may help you. But I am not sure.

    always confident

  • Hi friend you need to worry the date of birth in Government Job is that which is mentioned in the 10th class certificate. Your date of birth is different in primary school certificates.You can correct by giving affidavit in primary school. But in government job your date of birth is that is mentioned in 10th class certificate.There is no date of birth in graduation certificates.So you need to be worry about that.Be happy and get ready for document verification.

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