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    Where I can get T.Y.BCom books

    Planning to study for TYBCom? Searching for paper pattern and timetable? Check out this page for responses from experts which can help to resolve your query.

    I want TYBcom books of VI semester of 60:40 pattern. Do you have the paper pattern? then also provide me. I am going to give the Exam in this October 2017. Can you provide the timetable of this exam?

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  • You can buy T.Y.BCom books from the markets and you can also search for the online T.Y.BCom books. You can easily get T.Y B.Com university papers and sample papers from the google.First of all search the Exam pattern and Exam syllabus available on the university website.

    Examination Pattern
    Exam Duration : 3 hours
    Total Marks : 100 marks

    Pattern :

    There are two sections in the question paper you have two attempt both sections. There will be choice in every questions in section.

  • The question does not provide the details required to answer it in a proper manner. We are not aware of the university where he (the Member who has raised this question thread) is studying. In absence of this important information, the question can't be answered. However, it can be stated that the Third-year B.Com books and question papers are available in the city where the university is located. I have no doubt that all the book-shops in the vicinity of university will have the subject-wise books (in accordance with the syllabus) and question papers of Third-year B.Com.

    If the previous years' question papers are analysed properly, the pattern of the papers can be understood.

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    Before giving zero credit to the answer, the concerned Editor should have explained why such incomplete and meaningless question has been approved.

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