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    Why bananas should not be kept in refrigerator

    Have a query about what not to keep in refrigerator? Want is to know why bananas cannot be kept in the refrigerator? Check out this page and resolve your query.

    We recently bought a refrigerator for our home. The technician who came to the house for initial connection etc., advised us not to keep bananas inside the refrigerator among other instructions. I do not know what is the reason, though I have been told like this earlier. Can any expert explain the reason as we can know before doing?
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  • Bananas grow more in hot place. There are some enzymes which will enable to grow bananas are active in hot places. At cold temperatures, these enzymes are inhibited. As these enzymes become inactive, other enzymes operate more actively. Some cause cell damage, while others (browning enzymes) cause the skin to blacken.
    That is why it is not advisable to keep bananas in refrigerators. One important point to be noted here is an already ripped banana can be kept in refrigerator. It will not create any problem.

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  • As we all know bananas grow more in hot climate so they are unused to cold climate. If bananas are kept in refrigerator the enzymes that helps to ripen the bananas will become inhibited and become inactive. Other enzymes will operate more efficiently this will cause cell damage that's why you see the skin of bananas will becomes black when placed in refrigerator.The skin of bananas if kept in the fridge become thin and unpleasantly discolored.It is due to dehydration.If the bananas are ripen then you can put the bananas in the refrigerator up to two weeks. The outside skin of the bananas will turn black but the banana is still quite edible.

  • As the temperature inside fridge is low the skin of bananas gets affected and slowly it turns black and demoistened. This gives banana a repulsive color. Other than that no remarkable affect is done on bananas.
    If we keep such banana outside the fridge much before eating time then there is no problem and we can eat it and it tastes as usual.

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  • Banana is a fruit which is grown in hot, tropical climate. The fruit does not grow in extreme cold. If we put banana in the refrigerator, the temperature of which is very low for the fruit, the enzymes which are responsible for ripening of the bananas, would not function properly, and the bananas won't become ripe on time. Moreover, the peels of the bananas will become thin and blackish, because of less availability of water. These are the reasons behind the advice of not keeping bananas in the refrigerator.

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  • The banana is the only fruit which gets ripen with natural process and without adding or attending to it. A green raw banana would turn to yellow ripe banana within three to four days through natural process. And during the transformation from raw to ripe the inner part of the fruit gets loosen and wont be strong as before. That is the reason being so if the banana is kept inside the fridge or refrigerator, it gets messy and even foul smell would emanate from the fridge which may spoil even other items stored inside. So keep aloof the banana away from fridge and let it ripe on its own.

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  • Hot atmosphere is conducive for the Bananas and hence if kept in dry weather, it would remain fresh at least three days. This is applicable for the yellow ripe Bananas and hence considering the health of Bananas these must be preserved at around 30 degree Celsius with moisture in weather thus allowing the Bananas to have perfect health and flavour.
    Supposing that the Bananas are preserved in fridge, the ripening process will be retarded since the engimes responsible for ripening process will be inactive in such a case and hence this will cause foul smell emanating from fridge.

  • Banana is a tropical fruit and cannot withstand cold. Bananas left in the refrigerator will begin to rot quickly. The outer skin will darken and the edible part will become soft and brown. In any case, banana is a fairly fragile fruit and once it ripens it begins to over ripen very quickly.

    It is fine to refrigerate bananas if they have to be used in a shake (smoothie). I often freeze overripe bananas which I later use to bake banana cake.

    Raw banana, the type used for making 'bhaji' and used as vegetables can be frozen.

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