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    Opting for coaching for our children is proving dangerous

    Have a query about coaching centers? Wondering on what basis to choose the best coaching center? Here, on this page you can read responses from experts.

    As we all are aware of the pressure of excellence in studies we send our children to coaching centres. But my dear friends we don't know what is happening there? How can one decide which is right and which is wrong? Nowadays so many incidents are taking place. How to chose the right system?
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  • Your concern regarding the safety of children is natural because of the incidents taking place at various educational institutions. In recent time there has been a massive increase in the graph of many incidents taking place at educational institutes. As far as the study of your children are concerned then you can also help them if they are at elementary school. Now the education has totally turned out to be a mere business where every school and coaching institutes only aims at gaining more profit. Most of the school stress students on joining tution and extra coaching.
    If you also want your children to join some coaching institutes then you should contact senior students in your locality whom you think have good academic records. Since, I don't know about your area and locality so I can't tell the name of any coaching institutes from there which are better. However, most of the coaching institutes now a days are purely professional which is a very good sign because they provide better guidance to children.
    You can also contact with the friends of your ward and ask them if they are going to any institutions and can learn more about the faculty and environment of that institute.
    Hope it will help you.

  • Many coaching institutes are coming nowadays. But what is the quality of the Institute on all aspects should be seen. Recently there are some news wherein the institutions are treating the students very badly. Each individual will have his own IQ levels and intelligence. We can't expect everybody to stand first. So as a parent you can assess the caliber of your ward and your expectation should match with that.
    There are some good institutes are coming and they may be giving good coaching. You enquire in your ares which institute is the best for coaching. Your personally visit that Institute and interact with teaching staff there and also the students studying there. You visit selected coaching centres and basing on the feedback you get from teachers, students and their parents, you decide on the best and admit your ward into that institute.

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  • There was a time when the teaching in school was sufficient for the students in their subjects and with some studies in the house they were able to cope up with the examinations.

    Now the situation is drastically changed and only school classes are not sufficient for the students to excel in their subjects and progress solely depending upon the school teaching.

    So coaching has become a necessity for the students to attend and depend on it for their educational progress.

    Some of the coaching centres are very reputed and reliable while there are many which only take this opportunity for minting money.

    Whether it is school or coaching centre the security of the students especially those who are in their tender age is a big concern today. In this regard it is necessary that parents should time to time visit these centres especially in the beginning or the end of classes and monitor the activities of their children so that they will always be alert regarding the sudden presence of their parents near the coaching centre.

    Regular monitoring is very necessary and it will help in avoiding unwarranted incidents. Today there are many bad elements in the society trying to lure the children with one thing or another and trap them to exploit subsequently.

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  • Parents can consider below points as a prevention measure for their kids in coaching centers-
    1. Select the coaching center which is not too far. This will save the traveling time and will rule out the risk of accidents during travelling. Although, coaching centers should be good but the success of kid also depends upon the caliber so just to have a high class and reputed coaching institute, please do not go for too far coaching institutes.

    2. Try to give frequent visits at coaching centers for one or another reasons (please do not questions the authority for no reasons). The reasons can be pick up or drop of your child. This will make you aware about the environment of that particular coaching institute, the students strength of that institute and the friend circle of your child. All these thing give impact of your child's studies.

    3. try to meet the teachers are coaching institutes to get the feedback about your child regularly and even try to keep records of your child's attendance in coaching classes. Many times, children leave home saying that they going for coaching but they go some where else with notice to institute as well as parents.

    4. The selection of coaching institute requires good references. Parents should check all the available resources to check the registration and feedback of the institutes. May times, the schools and colleges also have tie ups with the coaching centers and parents can check the same at schools or colleges.

    Lastly, if your child is able to study on his own, that is the best option he will have.


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  • Your concerned about the coaching centers is right as parents view. every parent is worry about it.In today times we all want that our child should be best in all streams for this we need coaching institutes. We all should also be concerned about the safety of the children as many incidents coming in the Institutes.For this you have to check coaching center previous record, teachers background and location of the the coaching center.From the prevention's we can safe our child on institutions :-
    First check the location of the coaching center whether the locality of the coaching center is safe or not
    Then check the coaching center background record of the results and also the teachers. Try dummy classes of your child to the coaching center whether the teacher is capable to understand your children problem or not. How does it teach, way of teaching. Also check the parents reviews and children reviews about the coaching center
    Always try to check your children performance, school performance. And keep in touch regarding your children performance with the teachers. Keep the numbers of the friends of your child and also of teachers. Take feedback of your child from coaching institute and from school.

  • There is a fear in the mind of parents regarding the children going to school or coaching till they return home.
    The girl students are at a bigger risk though all students are under threat from anti social elements.
    The only thing which parents can do is to periodically visit these centers and have a laison with staff and teachers so that the people who are monitoring these centers for their ill deeds will see the parents regularly and become cautious and retread.

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  • Nothing would happen. I strongly feel that we should provide good values to our children and then have firm belief on the Almighty.

    Basically we become weak when we read about various unfortunate incidents. But we must remember that such incidents involve less than 0.01% students who attend coaching classes. Media always highlight the unusual-they do not bother about the usual.

    We must have a watch (not close watch) and suitably counsel them if they face any emotional or other problems.

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  • In today's cut throat competition it is necessary to send out kids to coaching. It is the moral duty of the children to study well and bring laurels to their parents.
    Anytime we hear some incident that happens around us we are shocked and we start thinking the same can happen with our wards also. We should not carry with this pessimistic approach. We have such news corresponding to every place so that does not mean we will stop going there.

    So I request you to take care of your children in the best possible way but send them to coaching or external classes outside school. This will tell them the exact plan for the competitive exams which cannot be covered in school

  • Though some ugly incidences have taken place in some of the coaching institutes, it does not mean that the entire coaching institutes are alike in terms of bad discipline and violence.
    In fact, the coaching institutes do maintain very competitive environments and these institutes would like to have good rapport in terms of quality teaching and the success - rate in the ensuing competitive tests should be impressive for the courses they are offering. In that way, their academic excellence attract the inquestive students.
    So there is room for any panic and students should be allowed to mix freely with the students and their interaction with the colleagues would make the topic clear which will help them ultimately to have sound conceptual skills. A broad outlook is always desirable.

  • Your fears as a parent are valid but do not become paranoid. I do not know the kind of incidents that have you worried. So cannot offer a solution, but this is what I checked when I enrolled my child in a coaching centre –

    1. Spoke to parents whose children were attending coaching classes. I chose a centre based on the feedback that I received.
    2. I also spoke to students to check the method of teaching and other things such as study material provided, mock tests conducted, standard of teaching, whether the teacher explained concepts properly etc. I chose a centre that followed a systematic pattern and one that the students praised.
    3. I checked the infrastructure – the centre had spacious well-ventilated halls and proper seating (desks and benches). There were separate bathrooms for boys and girls. There was a dress code. Students weren't allowed to stand outside the tuition centre and chat. Students who arrived late weren't allowed to attend the class – in short, the teacher maintained discipline.
    4. I also spoke with a few students who had attended the coaching centre to check if it had helped them.

    I would suggest that you go by the reputation of the institution and not the distance.

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  • As a parent, I can understand the fears and concerns
    1. we should find out what our children want and try and encourage them. As a kid everyone wants to become a doctor, army officer, super police officer; if the same desire persists in the child and as parents you can support it, then go all out and put them in extra coaching classes.
    2. do some background checks on the team conducting these classes. are they reliable, is the locality good, are the teachers credible
    3.speak to parents and children who are already in such coaching groups. Sometimes speaking to the support staff can give us much needed information
    4. even if its a little expensive, zoom down on one of the reasonably well known brands. Once you've selected one then go with your son or daughter of a few days to get a feel of what the center is really like
    5.once you enroll your child, it doesn't end there. you need to focus on the transport, hours spent in the center, access to privacy for washrooms and infrastructure.
    6.form a a contact group of parents what's up or sms and keep track of the progress and the problems if any faced at the unit.
    7. encourage your child to be your friend and share anything that happens out of the ordinary at the unit.
    8. Lastly trust your intuitions as a parent and observe whether your child is happy at these classes or is he or she suffering silently.

  • Hi Bharti,
    I understand your situation from a parents view point, but at the same time I must told you too not panic so much. Although there are so many incidents happened now a days in many reputed institutes which is really horrifying, but I would suggest you to do not generalize all the study centers or schools. Now a day the working parents are really worried about the study of their kids. But do not give pressure on them, because every body in a class do not have the same level of intelligence.
    As a parent you have to send your child in any of them, if you do not have so much time for your kids study. For that you can take several steps like:
    1. Do a survey between the senior students of your locality to know which is the best study centers. Only students of a particular study centers can give you the original scenario of the particular institute. Like the staffs, the teaching faculties, the atmosphere of the class room, the security system etc.
    2. Choose the coaching center which is nearest to your house so that you can easily drop and pick your child from there. It will give you relief from the tension about accidents or other unwanted situations.
    3. Before the admission of your child do a research about the coaching center, not only about the fees structure. But about the teaching faculties and the quality of their service so that your child got the best. Do not rely only upon the advertisement but do a personal study.
    4. Regularly visit the center whiling droping or picking your child from their. Take a feedback from the teachers that how your child is doing or what is his/her performance etc. Keep a constant monitoring on your child's study.
    5. And last but not the least trust on your child, behave with him/her like a friend so that he/she can tell you everything.

  • There is evidence to suggest that 1-1 tutoring if done properly can help students learn better. However in India in many cases it is becoming a crutch – where students get help with homework and memorize more than they learn. This is obviously not good for them. So maybe it is not necessarily dangerous but in many cases is becoming negative.

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