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    How to prevent mucus cough in early morning with nausea and some blood

    Suffering from mucus, nausea and bleeding? Looking out for a solution? Check out this page for expert responses and resolve your queries.

    In winter season, I am facing a problem of mucus cough in past 4 years with nausea and with little blood. This is happening in early morning between 6 am to 9 am. But 9.00 am to full day there is no problem and I am in good health. How to prevent this issue and can you also provide ayurvedic medicine or syrup to avoid this problem.
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  • There are some medicines for cough, nausea in Ayurveda as far as I know. But you are telling that a little blood is also coming. This indicates some rupture in the throat or somewhere. Do you consult any Physician. There is one medicine called kadha Kesari and sleshma gajakunsam. These two will give relief from cough and nausea. You try these two medicines. You have to take these medicines with honey.
    But what I feel is you should consult a physician and under his supervision you can uses these medicines.
    Don't drink chilled water or chilled Items. No ice creams and no fruits till your cough comes down. Don't have head bath. Otherwise immediately after head bath user hair dryer and see that your hair if fully dry

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  • Since you suffer from the problem only in the winter months, and the problem lasts for a few hours in the morning you appear to be suffering from some kind of allergy. Could be the blanket or quilt that you use for covering up or it could be the dryness in the room.

    Try encasing the covers that you use in a fresh bed sheet. Also, keep some water in the room that you sleep, to improve the moisture levels.

    A cough and cold, as well as nausea, can be controlled by ingesting fresh ginger juice. Take some juice along with pure honey, first thing in the morning.

    If the condition persists it is best for you to consult a doctor.

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  • As you have mentioned above in winter season you are facing a problem of mucus cough in past 4 years with nausea and with little blood. The cough caused to you from the nausea when too much mucus accumulates at the back of the throat. As this problem occurs to you since 4 years there will be some allergy or due to the cold in the morning. For removing allergy you have to use clean your bed sheets and also take water when you wake up in the morning.Avoid to take milk and dairy products in the night as they increase mucus production in the body and make digestion difficult. Try to eat less protein and fats containing items as they increase mucus which is a not good for stomach.Try to take more liquid items drink more water but at room temperature.

  • We need to analyse the root cause of the disease - in this case, the reason of presence of blood along with phelegm. This can be investigated with the phelegm - test to be analysed by the pathologist apart from chest X- Ray. Other tests would also be required for the confirmation of root - cause of the disease. In your case, it would be better to have a consultation with a Physician in order to have a proper follow up.
    If the laboratory - tests are negative from any infection of the lungs, you may take some Ayurvdic medicines like Talishadi or Sitopaladi churna with the recommendation of Ayurvedic - physician. Even a little quantity of Black - pepper taken twice a day along with hot water or with some honey would give you positive result.
    Take a piece of Ginger twenty minutes before each meal in order to have proper digestion and to arrest the excess mucous. This should be continued for a couple of days in order to get the tangible result.

  • This could be simply an allergic reaction of body to winter season. Taking hot water in sips will release the cough. Due to coughing sometimes the delicate skin of throat is scratched and blood oozes out.
    In Ayurveda a medicine called shitopladi powder is advised for this. It is to be taken with honey.

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  • Due to dust or other irritants during winter season some people get allergic problems and one of them is forming of mucous in upper respiratory areas in lungs. Due to this pneumonia type of symptoms are produced and thick mucous is formed and a persons starts coughing time to time to expell it.

    Due to irritation and friction of thick mucous the delicate linings of blood vessels are also ruptured and occasional blood stains are mixed in the phlegm. Sometimes the blood could be indicative of some serious problem and it is desirable to consult the doctor and get the necessary tests done in a lab.

    There are many formulations in Ayurveda which are prescribed in such condition. Some of them are Kanaksava, Shitipaladi choorn, Vasavleha etc.

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  • Morning Nausea is commonly seen in pregnant ladies. But since you have it from past 4 years you can stop it from home remedies like
    1) Morning breathing yoga is very helpful to get rid of it completely.
    2) Avoid having meals in curds at night time.
    3) Drink a glass of hot milk in night with little turmeric in it.
    4) Don't expose yourself mush to wind in night like fan or sleeping next to window.
    5) Avoid eating banana's in night times or if possible stop for few days.
    6) Daily morning in empty stomach consume ginger juice with few lemon drops in a luke water water with honey.
    7) Don't expose yourself much to dust in day times.
    These remedies are slow inresults but they help you to get rid of nausea completely.

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