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    Which is the best suitable account for DMAT and trading ?

    Have a query about DMAT and trading account? Searching for the best service providers? Check out suggestions from experts on this page and resolve yuor query.

    I am having HDFC trading account and using it since 2013. My elder brother wants to know which is the best service provider in DMAT and Trading account for the stock market?

    Angel Broking
    ICICI Direct
    Axis Direct

    Based on the suggestions, he will decide about service providers related to DMAT and Trading in the stock market.
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  • Most of the leading demat account and service providers which you have mentioned are satisfactory still there are subtle differences.

    The software platform of ICICI and HDFC banks are quite sturdy and there is ease of navigation.

    Some of these agencies do not credit the amount realized to your SB A/c and keep in a buffer with them hoping that you will be reinvesting it soon. This aspect is to be checked with them before opening an demat account.

    Some of them do not take annual fee but charge more on transactions while others charge high annual fee but low transaction charges.

    It is always better to open account in the most reputed one like SBI, HDFC, ICICI bank etc as they are backed by lot of financial and other support.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I have a DMAT account in HDFC bank. The account is being operated well. There is no annual fee if you operate at least 4 times in a year. Otherwise they will charge some annual fee. I have this account from almost 5 years and there is no complaint from my side. Their platform is very user friendly. We can operate easily. I recommend it.
    Similarly you can go for SBI or ICICI banks which are very reliable.

    always confident

  • It depends upon you. All service providers are best,
    Angel Broking
    ICICI Direct
    Axis Direct

    But the service care of bank are not so good. I advised you to choose Angel Broking or Sharekhan. As they are the best providers they provides you the best services. They provides you the special tips, discounts and trading tips.They also provides you best service care while in banking there is much service charges and the customer care response is very response.

  • I am doing trading with ICICI direct. I am not much happy due to the complex dashboard from their side. But it's attached to the bank account. You can see that there are some of the other accounts far better than the ICIC Direct.

    You may also want to try out the FundsIndia platform. You can buy mutual funds, shares and do other investing options through their platform. They don't have transaction fees on mutual funds. But for shares, they have competitive pricing. Also they are getting into insurance and other instruments. So worth taking a look.

    For mutual fund I recommend signing up directly with fund house. And in case of trading, try either fundsindia or zerodha.

  • Most of these platforms are well known and popular and are good for demat purposes. There may be some differences in terms of fees and designing of their portals.
    HDFC and ICICI have large multifunctional portals known for their sturdiness and facilities.
    Small companies portals may be better for ease of operating specially for beginners.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • I have been using ICICI Direct and would say that it has a good platform and a good customer service. It has been two years since I started investing in equity and mutual fund .Anytime I used to get some problem I used to schedule a call and they would call me immediately which I liked the most. They cleared all my confusion regarding any issue that may arise.

    But when I discuss with my friends I find that Share Khan ,Motilal Oswal and other such vendor are providing lesser brokerage and this is where we can earn more. Some of these have a flat rate at which brokerage is charged..

  • Such questions are very difficult to answer. This is simply because no uniform answer would be available. In actuality, most of the online demat accounts offered by various companies provide almost similar features and levy similar charges. People get adjusted to the online demat accout which they have been using for a long period.

    I have a SBISMART demat account, with the passage of time, I have been somehow comfortable in handling this account. Similarly others will also recommend the company the account of which they use. For comparative study, you have to minutely scan the terms & conditions of at least ten such accounts.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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