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    A question regarding document verification.

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    I am writing regarding a minor mistake in my documents.
    My mother's name is not tallying in my documents upto 12th standard and in graduation and post graduation documents. I always write her name as mentioned in my matriculation certificate. Can it create any problem in document verification? In university they suggested me to give an affidavit if asked for? Will this affidavit do?
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  • To change your mother's name University asked for an affidavit.
    An affidavit is legal documents which is acceptable as per all legal procedures in India.
    You have to take s stamp paper and mention in that your mother's name is wrongly written in your graduation certificate and you have to sign the document in the presence of a judge in any court.
    The drafting must be done in consultation with a lawyer in your area. They will guide you properly.
    Once that affidavit is ready you can submit it in the University for necessary correction.
    But when you have submitted your SSC certificate to university in which your mother's name is correctly spelt, why it is wrong in University papers. You might have taken up this matter with them at that time itself. However you go ahead with affidavit.

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  • As you have mentioned that your mother name is not tallying with your graduation and matriculation certificate. It will create a problem. maximum job companies and government sector document verification mother name is checked only in 10th certificate. But sometimes they check all names in all documents then it will create a problem. You have to provide them a self declaration form that your mother name is correct in matriculation certificate and in graduation certificate it is mentioned wrong. it should be treated as correct spelling as mentioned as in matriculation certificate and i am the responsible if something wrong occurs in this statement.

    Other thing you can do is change the mother name in graduation certificates by checking the correction in certificate procedure from university. You have to provide the correct spelling proofs of your mother name and for this there is correction fee in the university.Fill the form and the University will provide you the new certificate with correct spelling

    Third thing you can publish a notice of name change in the newspaper.

  • You have to give application in the college or university office for correction in your mother's name as per your matriculation documents where it is correctly spelt. They may ask additional proof for correct spelling like Aadhar card or voter card or PAN card.

    As you have mentioned sometimes they will insist for an affidavit for which you have to contact a lawyer and get It prepared and get it duly endorsed by a notary public or magistrate.

    This is an important matter because the correct documents will be required anytime during your career.

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  • You have to approach your graduation and post graduation university office for rectification of the mistake and issue corrected documents. You may have to give an apolication alongwith your matric marksheet and certificate where the name is correctly spelt.
    Normally affidavit is not required but if it is demanded by university authorities you have to get it from a lawyer in court office on a stamp paper and submit to the university.
    It is better to have your documents get corrected as the same will be asked from you during job interviews.

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  • Yes, this minor mistake may cause problem in future. You may write to your university to rectify your mother's name in the records and certificates. If it is not possible/done, then you have to sign an affidavit before a First Class Magistrate of your city stating that: "Smt. XYZ and Smt. Xyz are same person. Moreover her correct name is Smt. Xyz. So, in future she will be known as Smt. Xyz".

    You have to publish similarly worded advertisements in one English newspaper and one vernacular newspaper. You will have to preserve the original affidavit and newspaper advertisement permanently.

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  • This type of query is answered so many times in ISC. Please check candidate name, father's name and mother's name in all certified certificates. Even check it in your birth certificate. Keep the name and initial same in all the certificates. In case in any certificate there is a mistake. Please write to the board to change your mother's name. When your writing a letter to board please attach your mother's Adhaar card, your birth certificate where your mother's name is mentioned. Suppose in birth certificate there is mistake. Please go to tahashildhar office and get that changed and then only change in all certificate. Having same name in all certificate is always better to be free from any obligations.

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