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    How to use PayPal account ?

    Interested in using PayPal account? Looking out for details of how to use this account? find advice from experts here.

    Nowadays, there is a top rated payment website / payment tool called PayPal. It is popular in the worldwide business. So everyone should know about this.
    How to use this? How to get paid? Is there any account number? Where do I find my account number?
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  • Paypal is perhaps one of the most popular and reliable method of online payment. People all over the world uses it for only transactions because it is very easy and safe to make payment through Paypal. Paypal is accepted by most of the online shopping sites and other sites as a mode of payment. Paypal allows you to pay instantly through your email id and and your email id will be your Paypal account number.

    To use Paypal, you will have to visit it's official website. There you will have to sign up for a new account according to your requirement. You have option of creating both business and personal account and it's totally free. After sign up you will have to verify your mobile number and email id. Please note that you should enter the name as it is on your debit card or bank account. After creating and verifying your account, you can link any debit card, credit and bank account to your Paypal account. You will also have to verify your bank account or card. After verification you are all set to go. You can receive or pay money from your account through Paypal.
    Paypal also offers cashback and discount on shopping from some of the its partner e-commerce sites.

  • Here are some of the steps for you to use the paypal.

    1. Go to paypal and click on sign up button.
    2. Here you can choose either personal or business account.
    3. Enter your profile information.
    4. In next steps it'll ask you for PAN and Bank account number.
    5. Add that information, it'll be verified and your account will be approved.

    At the end of this process you can accept the money from both local and overseas. You can also attach the bank account to accept the money directly into the bank. You can also attach debit and credit card and spend the money in india and overseas. So this sort of arrangement can definitely help.

  • Paypal is most popular an American company which operates online payments world wide. From paypal account we can send and receive payments.From this we can do shopping, buy or sell things also. We also transfer money to our bank accounts.
    'To make account in Paypal :-
    1. Just open paypal website.
    2. Click on signup button on right side of the top page.
    3. Then select Individual account or Business account . In Individual account we can Shop, send and receive overseas payments. All without sharing your financial information. In Business account you can accept credit and debit cards, and send invoices to your overseas customers.
    4.Then click on continue button
    5. Select Country, Then type email address, Password and then again retype password.Then click continue
    6. Click on confirmation mail that comes in your email address
    7. Login to paypal account and add bank account details, card details, pan details etc
    8. After filling all details you can now receive and send payments through paypal

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    PayPal is one of the famous payment App in this present economic year.
    What is PayPal?
    Answer:- PayPal is nothing but it is a payment application to pay or receive money from one place to another place or form person to person.

    You can now easily pay your electric bills, water bills, Gas agent bills, etc.

    However, nowadays PayPal is famoused all over the world. we can use as a shopping partner.
    PayPal is an American company .


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